Daily Eating Blog #60

in #food3 years ago

I missed a day yesterday as I was busy and didn't record what I had eaten but today I've made sure I have.
Breakfast was an early morning black coffee.
Afterwards I had a rehydration drink, porridge made with water and raisins and a banana.
Lunch was a cheese and tomato sandwich, a packet of cheese and onion crisps, blueberry yoghurt and a can of Pepsi max.
I actually made it through the afternoon without snacking, I just had a green tea. I was starving by dinner time, I made shepherds pie with baked beans and gravy.
I went out for a 3 mile run after I let my dinner settle then I had a protein shake and some cheese savoury biscuit things.
I ate too many calories and not enough protein like normal!
I did a fair amount of steps today.
Thanks for looking
Happy reading peeps 🖤


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