YUM! Vegan Festival in Mexico (Vegan and Gluten Free in Guadalajara)

in #food3 years ago

If you're familiar with Mexican cuisine even a little bit, you probably know that it's primarily centered around dairy, cheese, meat, and lots of bread. The last thing you might think you could find is vegan food.


Is Mexico Vegan-Friendly?

Throughout most of our travels coming from northern Mexico, we weren't able to find too many vegan options besides your typical fruit. All that changed when we came to Guadalajara. The vegan community here is thriving and growing fast.

Vegan Festival, Vamos!

Yesterday, we took the recommendation of one of our YouTube subscribers and went to Vegan Fiesta México at Jardín Americana in Guadalajara, Mexico. We couldn't believe how much tasty food we found that was 100% animal-free AND gluten-free as well.


If you have dietary restrictions like Maddie does, this city is the place to be.

Watch the full video below.


Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.

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Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

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I always hear about vegan food, the vegan festival will be lovely. You really do travel a lot and visiting Mexico is a good trip.
Thanks for sharing @sharingeverybite

You should visit Nigeria, maybe it would even serve more better vegan food, or maybe not lol

Interesting. What are some vegan options in Nigeria?

Well I'd totally say junk food will count, like puff puff, it's totally native bun though, want to try out here?

I was told about the troubles you had at Amsterdam with food, so I totally understand it when you go more careful with what you let inside. Really glad you are able to get this place due to that recommendation from subscribers. From the way you munched the cookies hahahaha I can see you totally enjoyed it.

I would love that organic ginger beer too, more so, it is not alcoholic. Perfect blend. Do you still visit that organic cake store?

Oh yeah, Amsterdam was rough. I still can't really eat bananas anymore since I had to have SO many of them while traveling there.

It was a refreshing drink indeed! And the added probiotics made it even healthier. We've been to Organic Now a few times since but just for lunch. Gotta get another one of those little cakes soon! Yum :)

Hahaha you know how to make me drool. I know those little cakes are lovely and I wish I can download them. Hahahaha.

Sorry about the Bananas, and I really love bananas, hardly joke with them. I know Jordan love Mangoes. Hahahaha

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