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RE: How To Make Awesome Bread (Coronavirus Apocolypse Survival Edition)

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Hehe, you're dead right, making bread is very easy (I wonder where the tough reputation it has came from). The main thing I discovered was learning how to fit it into your routine. Some very organised people (not me) make it on Friday night, leave to prove overnight and bake fresh for breakfast on Saturday!

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Thanks, @shanibeer! I didn't even know there was a breadbakers community. I'll have to check it out and post my Banana Nut Bread recipe.

Yeah, we'd love to have that in breadbakers!

I wonder where the tough reputation it has came from

Something in my head about it not rising I think. I would like to try some, especially with that cheese attached!

Ah yes, it was always a bit touch and go. It's much easier now, you have to work quite hard to mess it up. I don't bother with putting the yeast in water first ... I just mix all the dry ingredients together (flour, salt, dried yeast, sugar - don't leave the yeast sitting on the salt, mix straightaway), rub in the butter, add tepid water and mix (actually, I use oil rather than butter and add to the warm water). Leave for ten minutes once well mixed, then go into the routine above. It seems to work that the more relaxed about it you are, the better the bread turns out.