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RE: Feeling grotty today after a mostly plant based week.

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Wow - interesting (and speedy) reaction to changing your diet! There was a very good programme on tv about veganism, presented by a premier league footballer (can't remember his name or th club), he talked to footballers at Forest Green Rovers, a vegan club. Apparently, they noticed feeling better after a meat-free day, and now, with a vegan diet, they experience fewer injuries.

I like my cup of tea, too, and butter 😎, but I've eaten very little meat for months, for preference rather than anything else, and my cholesterol reading has dropped so low I thought it was a mistake!

There's some good recipes for non-meat shepherd's pie, is your mum up for experimenting?
Jamie Oliver Allotment Pie and
Hairy Bikers Chestnut and Mushroom Pie


Thanks for the links, I shall check them out.

I was astonished at how better I felt so having a roast today to see if I can repeat the perceived changes. I've prepared a mushroom and lentil bolognese for the week which I shall write about later. Amazingly it isn't too much different in flavour than a normal Ragu type sauce.

If you have Netflix checkout The Game Changers. Like anything you have to watch it with a pinch of salt but the vegan vs meat eater blood test scenes are very interesting indeed. They illustrate how quickly animal based products hit the blood stream. The movie also focuses on sports people who have gone vegan including The Terminator!...well I think he has gone vegan. Many world record holders in both athletic and strength based activities seem to have made the shift.

Mum is a mega experimental with her cooking - she's an amazing cook but I'm not sure she'll ever experiment with meat alternatives. That and she's losing her marbles a bit now. On Tuesday we spoke about what I was doing plus wanting to cut down on alcohol and Wednesday I was met with meat pies and a bottle of wine!

Thankfully, at home I generally cook for myself as my wife and elder daughter are mega fussy about what they eat. Younger daughter has given me the thumbs up for the meat free bolognese so at least I have somebody who will share some meals.

It sounds good. I like meat and I like to eat it occasionally, but I think really we're meant to sleep for about three days after a meat-based meal! Thanks for the tip about the Game Changers, I'll have a look. Jermaine Jenas was the footballer I couldn't remember.