FOOD ADVENTURE #11: Red Dragonfly Express - Iligan City

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It's time for a fusion of Filipino and Chinese food! Get ready for something new, different and wonderful! We are very happy with our meal at the Red Dragonfly! This is the perfect spot for those who are looking for a something a little of from the mainstream food in Iligan City like the Lechon and other filipino dishes.

Red Dragonfly Express is a Filipino-Chinese Food Express that offers delicious and highly-affordable meals that will surely keep you coming back for more!

Here are some of the recipes offered by Red Dragonfly Express:

You can choose between steamed white rice or fried rice as the base of your meal. Then decide what would your toppings be!

Fish Sweet and sour (top) and Chopsuey (bottom)

Beef teriyaki (top) and Sweet and Sour Chicken (bottom)

Spicy Beef (top) and Beef Kare-Kare (bottom)

Me and @patttyyy ordered the spicy beef and fish sweet and sour as toppings to our steamed rice. This only costs 40Php each or about 0.8$ each only.

This is my sweet and sour fish meal, not too sweet which makes it best with the steamed rice.

This is @patttyyy's spicy beef meal, the spiciness is just right, the tenderness of the beef and the oozing flavor makes you want to eat more.

Me trying my best using a chopstick. (Even though I have no idea how to properly use it. haha)

Guess what? I managed to finish my food using the chopstick hahaahaha

Lol, even @patttyyy is trying to use the chopstick. But look at how she holds it haha. She asked for the employees to borrow fork and spoon.

When @patttyyy was ordering our delicious food!

With great food and great service, I will surely come back, but this time, maybe I'll try other toppings. :)

Find their store at 0010 Permites Road, San Miguel, Iligan City, Philippines. They are open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

All photos are mine.
Camera used: Iphone 6


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Footer made by @bearone


Kalami Ana dae uie haha

Kaon ta ddto dae hahaha

Ikaw na gyud shai. Asa mani dapita sa san miguel?

Resulta pd sir plus 10 kilos ko run hahaha. Kilid ddto sa frappe sir

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