FOOD ADVENTURE #10: Create Bistro - Iligan City

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For the love of FOOD!

The newly opened Create Bistro has a nice place, ambiance and their food preparation is lit! The food is affordable and presented like it's served from an expensive restaurant.

I ordered a Beef Rendang for Php69 (roughly 1.5$). The beef is tender and flavorful! The spices smell incredible and the fresh vegetables on the side made it healthier. If only the rice was unlimited (lol).

The place is very simple yet the ambiance is very nice, especially their employees, Filipinos are really hospitable! They welcomed me and @patttyyy with genuine smiles and then they offered us their menu to choose from.

Pat (@patttyyy) ordered a sweet and sour fish and fried chicken meal for only Php119 with free Iced tea. The sasuce was a little sweet but the fish was delicious! The chicken is superb!

This is a top view of our foods. Looks inviting, doesn't it?

The beef rendang was a little spicy so I ordered an avocado shake to neutralize the spiciness. It was perfect! I was very satisfied with their avocado shake, would definitely come back for it! It was creamy and not too sweet, hindi nakakaumay (it will not make you oversatiated).

Create Bistro is located at Tibanga Highway, Iligan City, Philippines, besides Mercury Drugstore.

I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I was rather curious about the message they try to convey with this decoration.

If you are a group of 6 people, you can sit here and enjoy the comfiness of the place while chit-chatting, enjoy your food, and the company of your friends.

Of course, the wall frames with witty sentences which you can enjoy reading while waiting for your food to arrive.

Me and @patttyyy ready to devour our ordered meals! Hahaha

Create Bistro is definitely the place to visit if you want to try something different at a very affordable price.

All photos are mine.
Camera used: Iphone 6


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Footer made by @bearone


Wow, it's so cool bro. Steem on honey @shairanada

Meron wifi? How is the accomodations for tourists in Iligan??

Unfortunately, walang free wifi available, maybe soon @bayanihan. Kung gusto nyo pong pumunta dito, kami po mag to-tour guide sa inyu, welcome po kayo dito sa Iligan :)

Mango shake napuuud 😊

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