Chili Potato Chips

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Hello everyone, I am Lu, here is the Chinese fashion food section. Today I share with you a home-cooked dish from northern China: Chili Potato Chips.

Chilli Potato Chips This dish is made from potatoes and is a home-cooked dish. Its taste is very spicy and very suitable for eating with rice. Because the raw materials are generally simple, they are very popular among the public.

Ingredients that need to be prepared:

1:potato (150 g); 2: shallot (3 g); 3: garlic (3 g); 4: coriander (1 g); 5: red oil chili sauce (6 g); 6: red paprika (5 g); 7: black pepper powder (2 g); 8: white sesame (1 g); 9: vegetable oil (15 g).


1: Cut off the skin of the potato, then slice it with a knife;

2: Pour the water into the pot and boil, then put the potatoes into the hot for 30 seconds, remove and drain the water;

3: Pour the vegetable oil into the pot and heat it to 30%. Then add the potato chips and fry until the upper and lower sides turn into golden yellow and remove;

4: Leave some vegetable oil in the pot, then add the red oil chili sauce and garlic, stir fry for 30 seconds;

5: Then put the fried potatoes, red pepper powder, shallot, black pepper powder and white sesame in the pot, stir fry for 2 minutes on medium heat;

6: Finally sprinkle with parsley on it;

7: The effect after completion;

Matters needing attention: 

1: After boiling the water in the pot, put the potato chips into the pot for 30 seconds, do not cook, otherwise the potato chips will be boiled;

2: When frying potato chips, be sure to drain the water, and pay attention to safety;

3: When frying red pepper sauce and garlic, you must use a small fire to stir fry;

4: How much seasoning can be added according to your favorite, the list is for reference only.

If you like it, please pay attention and comment to support me, I will continue to update more Chinese food, thank you.

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this recepie is full of flavours and tasty

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