The Health Benefits Of Eating Nutritious Foods @senseicat

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Is it me or have you noticed the epidemic of obesity in our country? It is deeply concerning to me because I feel that it is totally preventable. There are so many health ramifications from eating unhealthy processed overly fatty foods. The diet industry is worth billions of dollars when in reality we can save those dollars by investing in eating whole organic nutrient dense foods.

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Billions of dollars are spent in fast foods, pharmaceuticals, and dietary supplements. It is a vicious cycle that benefits only the manufacturers of these products.

Little by little, if you begin with good food choices, exercise, and some self discipline, it is easy to see the changes in your body. You will become healthier, have more energy, and work more productively. It may help your self esteem to boot!

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I think it is essential to carry a healthy diet and more when you are more than 30 years because our body is becoming more vulnerable to disease and it costs us more to do the processes to digest fats and other things


I understand your viewpoint. However; I believe that good habits start from infancy. I tasted baby foods before offering it to my son and realized that they were all equally terrible and too sweet. That is when I first decided to make organic pureed veggies. He loves vegetables today! If you train your taste buds early to adapt to sugar, it will always continue to crave it.

Great article. The best approach is to avoid anything coming in a packet. It probably has tons of chemicals n preservatives. Whole foods in moderation are the way to go 😁

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Most of the convenience processed foods were created when women began entering the work force. It is best to avoid anything that is pre-packaged because they are loaded with preservatives and poor quality nutrition.

Tremendously thought out! Trying it now.

Lovely post. Eating balancing and healthy is the key. Not about quantity but quality

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