Bakwan Sayur Udang

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Bakwan Sayur Udang

150 gr fresh shrimp uk.sedang
200 gr wheat flour
Adequate Water
2 pieces of thinly sliced ​​cabbage
1 carrots cut into matches
6 small bean cut stems
50 g of small sprouts
1 egg
1 spring onion
2 celery stalks
Cooking oil
ground spices :
6 cloves bamber
4 clumps of baput
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1 tsp gulpas
1/2 teaspoon chicken powder
Salt taste

Clean Shrimp, remove the head tpi no need to peel.

In container Input vegetables2 sdah dicotong2, eggs, wheat flour, spice fine, pour water skewnya stir well, until the dough feels right (not dilute not thick)

Heat oil, soak sbntar spoon vegetable / new mold poured dough, put shrimp on it with ditekn sdikit for shrimp guns off when fried, dip kminyak, diamkn sbntar then shake spoon / mold let bs trepas, sticky clo bntu tipped with spoon,
do it until slesai.

Medium medium fry, when it is ripe and yellowish brown, remove the drain.

Serve Warm with Cocolan Sambel Or Cayenne.

Here is the appearance of bakwan spoon / mold that I pke, bakwan it must be neat, buy the traditional market, mkin often and long soaked myak fried oil bgus, guns sticky when dipke.


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