What food do you prefer the most? Home cooked food or outside food? And why?

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I am a vegetarian by birth and now by choice. I prefer home cooked meals rather than eating from outside or ordering it through apps and such. 

It is not that I am averse to eating outside. I do like to visit restaurants and have food but only very occassionally. 


Food prepared outside may not be hygenically prepared and the cooks would not have used ingredients that are healthy. Also, the chances are high that they would have tossed in left over food to prepare other dishes or include in different curries. 

An example - if there is left over rice, it would be used in the dosa or iddli batter for the next day. The main problem is that people who eat adulterated food are susceptible to cases of food poison. Why risk our life? 

Always choose a good restaurnat which has an established name. It need not be high end or pricey. Just note if it is popular and you can be assured that the food will be fresh. 

My mother was a good cook and I still remember how we used to enjoy her 'keerai mulakoottal' and cabbage curry. My mother in law was also a good cook and she never used to hesitate to make food that the children requested even if she were tired. Their enthusiasm has made me love home cooked meals even if simple rather than eat food from outside which probaly contains oil that has been used an umpteen number of times or vegetables that have not been washed. 

Cooking is a science by itself and you should try your hand in cooking at least once in your life and you will like it. We all make mistakes but we should not give up and try again till we become perfect. 


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I also prefer home cooked food.

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