Fat to fit in 12 weeks-Home made caribbean curry 28 Feb 2018 16.17.28

in food •  9 months ago

A delicious Caribbean Curry that is creamy in texture, sweet in taste and only 700 calories!

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Looks great - got to just after the 5 minute mark and I can't watch any further so I fon't know how it turned out lol - I will try again later :)


Oh no! I have noticed sometimes it is slow to show whole video on dtube :-( hope you try later and thank you :-)

That looks amazing. I'll have to try it! i'm down almost 18 pounds over where I started (this time) and hitting the gym four to five times a week. I need to measure more, because I know I've translated a lot of fat to muscle in the process. I come bearing news! The dolphinschool discord server is up and running! Here is your invite! https://discord.gg/RrUyccN


18 pounds is grear! If you watch my intro vid a few blogs down you'll see how I aim to lose 2 stone. Walking, dancing, clean foods and meditation :-) not great on discord as very busy with other stuff at the mom but will join when I get chance!

Looks amazing! My sons love curry so perhaps I will try this on the weekend...


Thank you! Doing a tikka massala for my son tonight. Will post on here!