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In parts of the British Isles, the Lammas celebration, or Lughnasadh, was commended with the heating of a cake produced using the main gathered grains. While today we don't commonly collect our own particular wheat, oats, grain or corn – unless you're sufficiently strong to be a rancher – we can in any case exploit this custom and prepare one of these regular treats, which were called Lunastain cakes. It takes its name from the Scottish word from Lammastide, lunastain.

Remember that in spite of the fact that "cake" evokes pictures of sweet prepared products, initially it was utilized to mean any heated thing produced using grains, so your Lunastain cake can be either sweet or appetizing, contingent upon your inclination. As it were, it can be like a conventional sweet cake, or it can be more bread-like. The decision is dependent upon you.

Ordinarily, the Lunastain cake was produced using oats, and was known as a bannock. Much like the bannocks that were served around Beltane, it was prepared and afterward singed or toasted, and here and there finished with newly beat cream spread. Be that as it may, the formulas change starting with one area then onto the next, on the grounds that the fixings and strategies depended on what was convenient and accessible.

The formula beneath is one I've made for a considerable length of time, and only one of numerous varieties you can attempt. I like this one since it avoids the heating step inside and out and just goes straight into a skillet for browning. This will give you four to six cakes, contingent upon how huge you make them.

In case you're eating sans gluten as I do, you can utilize a mix of sans gluten heating flour and oats, and a touch of flaxseed dinner to give your cakes a decent oatey taste without stresses over obnoxious symptoms. Clearly, on the off chance that you don't need to fret about gluten, you can even now utilize this formula, and appreciate it!


2 C. universally handy preparing flour

1/2 C. oats

1/2 C. brilliant flaxseed supper

1 tsp. heating powder

1 tsp. heating pop

1 tsp. thickener

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 C. margarine, chilled and cubed

1/2 C. icy water (you may require somewhat pretty much, so include it slowly and utilize your best judgment)

oil for searing (I get a kick out of the chance to utilize coconut oil, however you can utilize whatever's helpful)


Consolidate the majority of your dry fixings together and blend well. Include the margarine – it helps in the event that you have a cake blender, yet it's not required. At last, blend in the water, mixing until the point when you have a thick, stuff batter. Move it into a ball, and enable your mixture to sit in the cooler for 30 minutes or thereabouts. In spite of the fact that you don't really need to do this, and can most likely skip it in case you're in a rush, it helps to shield the mixture from isolating when you're fricasseeing it.

Warmth your oil in a broil skillet – on the off chance that you have solid metal, utilize it, in light of the fact that the outcome can astound. Partition your mixture into break even with divides – I commonly get around six from this formula, however you can make them littler or bigger – and move them out in flour to smooth them. Try not to make them too thin, or they'll wind up crispier instead of delicate. Mine are typically around a large portion of an inch thick.

Once your oil is hot, include a cake into the skillet – it's best to simply do them each one in turn and include extra oil as you go. Broil it until it's brilliant darker on the base, and after that flip it over to do the opposite side. You may see it gets somewhat puffy in places – that is alright! After your cakes are cooked on the two sides, expel them from the oil and place them on a paper towel to cool.

Serve these with your Lammas reap devour. I get a kick out of the chance to top mine with new basil pesto, or simply spread with a touch of sweet cream margarine. You can likewise dunk them in Barley Mushroom Soup, or serve them up as a side for Colcannon – the potential outcomes are unfathomable!


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