Eat five years, forget about the disease, learn how to make it!

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Professor Shankur 'Merakiurale' to pay the medicine! And you do not have to go for a goldmine for this. Because its main ingredient is matched in your kitchen. Yeah, do you know that your vegetable bowl is full of allergic botika indica?

This is a medication that is enough for just one game in five years. This medication can be said or called this special mixture once and for five years, feel safe from the disease. Think again, what is this again, which one year will not be a disease for five years? Today, five decades before the invention of this fantastic drug. The birth of this mixture by the hand of a Tibetan monk, by the hands of a Tibetan monk. The main ingredient of this mixture is garlic. Garlic is considered a wonderful food all over the world. Garlic works to control multiple diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack. Find out how to make these medicines.

Mix 200 ml of alcohol with 350 grams of garlic. If Ram is better. If the Ram does not mix the alcohol, remember that it does not contain methanol or benzacalin chloride. At first glaze the garlic out of the shell. Then add alcohol to it. Keep this in a sterilized glass bottle for 10 days. After 10 days, pour the mixture from the bottle to another place and keep it in the bottle again. For a couple of days, mix the mixture in the fridge. Make your magic medicines. For 12 days, before breakfast, one drop of this mixture, one drop before lunch and two or three drops before dinner. You will be surprised to see the results.


Interesting. had to heard about that mix.

interesting post about health 👍 GREETINGS!

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