Onion crispy friters

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Hi friends
How are you?
I am preparing aftari for aftar time because its a holy month of ramazan.
In aftar time i like many delicious dishes but onion friters(pyaz pakoras ) are my favorite.


Today i will show you how to make it.
Theses are ingredients of pyaz pakora.

pyaz pakora masala.JPG

I am mixing all ingredients .

pyaz pakora mixing.JPG

pyazpakora mater.JPG

Now i am frying pyaz pakoraz.

fring pakoras.JPG

Now its ready . these are very crispy and tasty try it and enjoy it.

pakoras ready.JPG

I am sure you will like it.


Im sorry, unless you are gong to infuse this with cannabis, this is abuse of the #weedcash tag. Looks really good though! I will be happy to change the down vote into an up vote if you kindly remove the weedcash tag, or add cannabis infusion into your recipe.

@weedcleaner i have removed weedcash tag .i am new here and plz support me and guide me .thanks

Replace the tag with foodie

I have tried many time to replace it with foodie but its not removing its not my fault its system fault.

Ok, but just for future reference refrain from using it, but if you got cannabis content, please use it! I enjoy your post, keep posting like that, and you will make it. :)

Thank u so much dear