Crispy potato bread pakoras made by me

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Hello friends
As you know its a holy month of ramazam .
And today i am preparing potato bread pakoras and sharing the recipe and method with you.
So lets start .its very simple and delicious dish.

ready bread potato pakora.JPG

First take some boil potato and mash them well.

potato and spices.JPG

Then mix in it red chilli , crushed coriander seeds , chat masala , mango powder, salt ,turmeric powder , mint coriander leaves and onion, mix it .

mashed potato with spices.JPG

add oinion.JPG

Now take some gram floor, and some spices like red chilli, coriander leaves , salt, chat masala pinch of baking soda and 1 tbl spoon oil. Mix water and all spices in gram floor .make a paste like this.

gram floor mater.JPG

Now take bread and red souce and green chatni .
bread and souces.JPG

bread with red chilli and green chilli.JPG

spread red souce in one piece and green chatni in other .now spread potato paste on it .and cover it and then cut into 2 pieces.

bread potato mater.JPG

cut sandwich.JPG

Now dip in gram floors mater and cover it then fry it.

dip in mater.JPG

fried bread potato pakora.JPG

Potato bread pakoras are ready .its very delicious bleave me.

ready bread potato pakora.JPG


I hope you will try and like it.