Traditional way of making bread

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Hi DTube!!
I make this vlog specially for showing the our country culture. Most of people make and eat bread like this in our country when our guest arrived at home. when big parties are arranged by someone and it's also used on wedding events and birthday party and other Events.

This small boys very is expert in making bread .he and his father run this business and cell meat and bread also. in this blog I can show you how to make this bread step by step.

Hope you enjoy this vlog.

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Great friend. Everybody love eating bread. But i guess the stress in making it is much more bigger than compare to when it is been done in the industry or what do you think

:) Thanks bro for comment . It is only shop

This is called roti in our language,

Great work man

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Ki hal ne Jnab?

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I love this bread very much and every morning i eat this bread

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