My Encounter with Food in Brixton UK - When Rice met Peas!😂

in food •  last year  (edited)


There are certain things that define a place and taste. Brixton is famous for being one of the first homes of African Caribbean settlers from the windrush generation. It is vibrant, edgy and steeped in Black history. I had not visited for years and only went for a meeting.

As I walked down it’s Station road with its enticing food stalls of steaming Falafel, appetising Veggie Ethiopian cuisine and everything else I came across African Caribbean Bush man kitchen and was greeted by the owner with a friendly welcoming smile. He proudly told me that the kitchen had been run by his family for 30 years and they made good food.

I took him at his word and promptly chose some rice and peas which he topped with a large cut of well seasoned fish tail. As soon as I got back to the office I fell on the food and it was gone in no time.

It was delicious and one of the best I ever had! Only the greatest cook could make a meal where flavours blend so seamlessly that you are left with the nostalgic feeling of having participated in something great!
So, should you happen to be in Brixton or visiting the UK pop round and say hello to the guys and perhaps buy something to eat. Even if it is to prove me wrong!

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