Ghanaian Tsofi (Turkey Tail)– An interesting part of a Turkey’s anatomy – dangerously delicious if you don’t know what you’re eating!

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A while ago I was at a friend’s surprise party and in my usual fashion went to take a look at the table’s bounteous offerings. The trick for someone that loves food like me is to ensure I eat in small bites and as food lovers know that is a bit hard to achieve.

Amongst the offerings I spied a big platter of appetising fried chicken and believe me it smelt good! I hovered around it and snatched one that promptly disappeared down my mouth in one bite( sorry, I’m not a dainty eater, my Nigerian boarding school paid put to that).

I closed my eyes in awe and reverence at the intense burst of flavour that increased as I chewed. This was the most well seasoned chicken I had ever tasted. I snatched 4 more onto my plate and perched in a corner like a puppy with a with a bone and the countenance that said interrupt this one woman chicken party at your peril.

Once the last of the bites had disappeared down my grateful stomach, I washed it down with some wine and then beamed at everyone in satisfaction. Then I gave the cook lavish compliments that was graciously accepted.

Later on as we drove back home I continued to wax lyrics about the delicious chicken bites and how I would love to go cook it at home if I got the recipe. My friend in the car said that this was easily arranged, then he casually said; ‘you keep calling it chicken bits. You do know it is not chicken?’. I said indeed I did not. What was it then. He said it was Turkey tail!

Friends, that is another name for Turkey butt! A particular delicacy in Ghana! My jaws dropped. Should I laugh or cry. Of course I laughed! I had just eaten turkey yansh!(pidgin English for that bit of Turkey). That tail is a gland that connects the turkey’s feathers to its body and it is filled with oil mainly meant for grooming the Turkey’s feathers!

Now don’t you go laughing at me. Medium readers and writers. Why don’t you throw some comments below. What is the delicacy in your own country. As I am both Nigerian and British I can say mine is;

Large Snails(not those tiny escargots!) – Nigeria

Jellied Eels(Eurgh! Britain)😂😂🤣

Go on you’re dying to share your nation’s delicacy!

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