Jodhpur, rajasthan, India food love to have......

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Jodhpur is a notable name for Rajasthan voyagers. It is the second biggest city in Rajasthan.

Since you are on this page, I accept you are interested about Jodhpur. Isn't that so?

There are many explanations behind me to love Jodhpur. I was conceived here. All that I think about this world originated from the general population of Jodhpur.

In this way, better believe it is my city and here is the reason I adore it

ood is the principal reason I cherish Jodhpur. You can discover all kind of sustenance in Jodhpur.

From customary Makhaniya Lassi to Fast Foods like Pav Bhaji, you will discover everything here.

Haldi ki Sabji is my most loved Sabji. Dal-Bati is my record-breaking most loved dish.

A few dishes that were not from here – today have a Marwari touch to them. Individuals here affection dishes with all the more crisp in them.


awesome food, looking so tasty ...upvoted

nice food @@@ Indian style

how would one eat all of those at a time.
delicious food in front of eye .ahh yumm

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