Buttermilk Chicken & Cheesy Shells

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Buttermilk Chicken & Cheesy Shells

Home made food have some extra satisfy same time you will know how much your creativity (If other people likes your food!) about cooking. Today I made buttermilk chicken tenders with honey you mustard dipping sauce and some cheesy shells and stir fry & shrimp with broccoli and white onions that will be our lunch Oh! We also hat mixed scoop Ice cream. All the time we having fry chicken this time i try little different. Wow unbelievable how much delicious it was! I can explain how how much it was yummy food. Any one interested to try same food at your home don't forget to ask me for the food recipes.






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The homemade food, in my opinion, is unparalleled, it awakens your creativity and it is a pride for the one who cooks every compliment of the guests, each one puts its special touch, apart from the fact that homemade cooking allows you to experiment with changes of some ingredients that the Most of the time it's interesting.

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its looks delicious and so easy to cook the recipe...

Awesome i look delicious and when i see this in my mouth water is come