Smoothie for a great weekend!

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Today's smoothie is not only packed with vitamin C and perfect for cold weather but also super easy to prepare.

Mandarins, kiwi and lemon



6 mandarins
1 lemon
4 kiwis


Manual juicer


Cut the mandarins and lemon in half and squeeze them.



Peel the kiwis and cut them in pieces.



Pour the mandarins and lemon juice in the blender and add the kiwis.


Blend for a few seconds or until you get a creamy texture.


Take fancy pics for steemit!



As i said above this delicious smoothie is full of vitamin C and i know everyone needs some additional vitamin C.

Thanks for reading and i hope you'll give it a try and enjoy it.

PS: As i was writing this post, i was also drinking the smoothie...sorry, no smoothie selfie today lol


Good juice
I think it is good for wait loos also

This is one of those post that make me wonder why I'm so lazy that i never do these smoothies myself. That looks great and should take like 10 minutes to make.

It literally takes that much. The reason why i like smoothies is that, instead of having to eat 6 mandarins 4 kiwis and one lemon i can just drink a glass of all three.

Like i have been thinkin about doing that ready in the evening and having one first thing in a morning, but i never seem to get it done:) Then I end up having that normal class of orange juice every morning.

For sure gonna have to make this sometime...Great post!

this juice i think will be very nutritious .. i cant say much because we dont take this kind of drink im my country..all i need is you help. i have a problem i intend to solve conserning my fee all nid from you is just like 5SBD to solve my problem and i will appreciate . my name is stan ,am from nigeria

Definitely a Vit C hit but also really good for the liver and for your bloodpressure, I think it looks scrummy :) Peace.

Its really full vit C smootie.. 😊

Its taste good? I wnna try to make it.

If you are not so fond of lemons and the sour taste, you can use half a lemon and be sure to get very ripe mandarins and kiwis for a sweeter taste.

Ya lemon can be so sour,
Its really good recipe, i will try to make it, mostly bcz m on diet now, It will be good drink to consume.
Thank you for sharing dear @royaltiffany 😊

Looks delicious! I might have to try this recipe out. :)

Good luck. I am sure you will love it!

Rich in vitamin C good for skin.and that lemon must be giving some tingly taste too. ; )

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