very tasty nibong rujak and his recipe

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very tasty nibong rujak

hello friend steemit at this time i will present culinary aceh that is rujak nibong

Rujak is a traditional food that is usually made from a mixture of various kinds of vegetables or fruit and spices or spices mixed with chili. Rujak is easy to find in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore and there it is called "rojak".
rujak nibong contains various types of fruits ie

his recipe

2 Mango Fruit
2 Star fruit
2 Bengkoang Fruits
2 Cucumber Fruit
2 Fruit Kedondong
Chili ingredients:
2 pieces of chili (according to taste)
100 Grm Palm Sugar (Sugar Java)
2 Fruit of Javanese Acid
To taste Aer (Mature)

how it works

Wash thoroughly, cut: Cucumber, Bengkoang, Mangga (Elips), Kedondong (Square), Starfruit (iris2), set aside ..

Make Sambal Rujak: take Cobek into cayenne, Palm Sugar + Javanese Acid (Peel the skin) then puree (Q on Uleg) while in Uleg pour little by little Aer (Mature) until the sauce is not dilute + too thick ..

Cork or blender roasted peanuts, it doesn't need to be too smooth.
Ulek chili pepper, tamarind and java sugar until smooth, pour hot water little by little until thick condiment.
Add the spices to the pan, heat to boiling. Add peanuts, mix well.
Cook until the seasoning thickens and the taste is right.
So deh, sweet salad rujak ready dicocol with fruits. This sweet rujak seasoning will also not be easily stale because it is cooked and can last more than 2 days even though it is not put in the refrigerator.

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