Palestinian recipe ( Maqluba)

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1 chicken- cut into four pieces.
Three cups of rice.
Three potato.
Two eggplant.
One cauliflower.
One chopped onion .
One piece of laurel paper.
Two tablespoons of salt.
Cinnamon .
A teaspoon of rice spice.
One teaspoon of soft cinnamon.
One teaspoon of crushed halo.
One teaspoon of curry.
Tablespoon of a little vegetable oil.
Water to roast chicken.

How to prepare

Grind the onions in a pan, , then add the chicken.
Add the cinnamon stick, laurel leaf and cinnamon spoon, then add water to the chicken, and leave on fire until cooked. put the remaining spices and two tablespoons of salt on the rice.
Cut the potatoes then stir them, also for eggplants and cauliflower.
Remove the chicken from the broth, and then remove the spices.
put a little rice on the bottom, then put the pieces of chicken , then potatoes and then cauliflower, put the rest of the rice over the ingredients, and then put the broth .
Put the pot on the fire, and when boiling reduce the fire to the lowest degree, and leave it to cooked.



روعة الطبخة ذي راقت لي كثيرا
باسم الجزائر احييك

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