There are food to all people in world?

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It seems ironic to be hungry in the world with so much room for cultivation on this planet. If you use logic you will conclude that food should not really be lacking in the world, especially nowadays with so much technology.


The only answer seems to be that our connected markets create a complex mechanism of prices and values, and producers are obliged in many cases not to sell food in order to avoid harm.


I also believe in indoor cultivation in small urban spaces, thus creating a decentralized food system. I did my little ant job, an organic garden on the house wall. Check out the link below:

PS: I haven't been practicing my english, I used Google Translator. Follow me to know about my ideas and about Brazil >> @renantg ;)

These images are free of copyright, I have taken from banks of free images on the internet.


As you ritghly said i is ionic to see people suffering for food .we those suffering have some of the blaim. and the greater blaim on the government officials in if these people dont stop the greediness it might even escalate.

This is true my friend, this world needs to change fast.

Keep it up. Thanks .

I thank you, my friend.

well said! i agree

Thanks my friend :)

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