Free the Food #23 ✔ | One Man's Trash Another Man's Treasure! [2018-01-20]

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Activism to End The Systematic Food Waste...

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by @reko
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Dumpster diving

The practice of foraging in garbage that has been put out on the street in dumpsters, garbage cans, etc., for discarded items that may still be valuable, useful, or fixable.


Latest Treasures:



DSCN1201.JPGEmelie came by to get help me take care of some of the treasures...


Current Free Food in Stock:

Head cheese
Creme Fraiche
Sun dried tomatoes
Chestnut cream
Sweet buns
Minced meat
Vegan products
Roast beef
Sun dried tomato sauce
Mango/peach sauce
Candle lights


Past Treasures:

Salmon and cucumber is gonna be on the menu here for a while...


Found some sweet coconut water with peach and mango and also one with coconut water and espresso...nomnom! :)


Massive amounts of food in stock, this is just a part of it all...















Introducing Trashwiki, the collaborative world wide guide of creating value from trash! Here you will find plenty of trash-related articles: you can search by specific countries and cities to find the best places in your area!


Dumpster Diving - Behind the Scenes.

Was a cold and snowy night here in Gothenburg...

Lizzy is my loyal partner when diving, always ready to go! :)

Mission accomplished... ;)







Why do I Dumpster Dive?

  • Bring awareness on how much food is wasted with our current system!
  • Save the abundance of food that is wasted and share it with my network!
  • Minimizing costs enabling me to Power Up 100%!
  • Great regular exercise and good karma... ;)


Thursdays Weekly Meet-ups:

We meet up on Thursdays in the middle of the city to share the food we've saved during the week. It's a great way to meet, connect and support each other. We meet between 6-7 pm at the same time as the decentralized farmers market that I've initiated!

DSCN1056.JPGOur first weekly meet-up of the year....cold as ice! :)





I regularly invite friends over to share the abundance of food, been doing it for many years but now I make sure to introduce everyone to the Steem blockchain!


Join my Discord Chat & May the Steem be with you!



This is amazing. It truly is a lesson in abundance. Love what you're doing and what you stand for.

Restaurants have so much food left over at the end of each day that they are not legally allowed to distribute to the hungry. Instead, they must throw it out. Would be amazing to have an under-the-radar service that picks up that food and redistributes it to those in need.

Hey Neil, thanks for the support. Actually working with a initiative here in Gothenburg that gathers the things the stores aren't able to sell and place them in open fridges around town. It's called "Solidary Fridge (Soildarisk Kyl)" and could probably work with restaurants as well. But not sure about the laws here either regarding that...

I love this @reko , we have a few of those fridges around New Zealand. Also tonnes of people like you guys collecting food from the wasteful supermarkets & using it for food parcels. It is so unbelievable what they throw out, perfectly good kai (food)

That's true words, in my opinion everything which is leftover with restaurants should be distributed to the needy people with respect and we are human beings and in my opinion we don't need any special permission to distribute it because it's the duty to distribute it instead of throwing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

It's just unbelievable what you've done from "trash"
סטים חתימת פוסט.png

yes indeed @amiramnoam, it's hard to believe if you haven't see it with your own eyes. The food I'm saving is just from one single store as well! Crazy world...

You are great, my friend. Not many people willing to do what u did and most of us not even aware of how much food is being wasted everyday. You did a really good job in bringing the awareness to society.

This is incredible

Most people could never imagine themselves biting into a sandwich dug out of a dumpster, but the boundaries blur when you're talking about a sealed wedge of very expensive cheese. Things get even hazier when you factor in the most wholesome of establishments... Whole Foods. It's old news now, but for the uninitiated, there's a large "freegan" subculture of people whose meals are sourced primarily from restaurant and grocery dumpsters. GREAT POST MY FRIEND
dumpster dive.jpeg

Man, that's quite a haul you've got there! I even see some Polarbröd; I love that stuff!
Did you ever get caught by anyone? If yes, what happened?

haha yes indeed! Got caught many a times but always just explain what and why I'm doing it... the police is always nice and shocked of the quality of food I save from the bins!

Hi @reko you made me speachless ... I can´t believe how people throw away that amoung of food... when a lot of people don´t have anything in their tables.. you know here in venezuela the situation is horrible.. theres actually people eating from the trash but the difference its that they dont found anything but lets over...
so I think its amazing what are you doing helping others , I feel proud to know a guy like you. greetings!

You are doing great work @reko. keep it up

Nice! Thanks for the behind the scenes and Lizzy so cute!

Wow that doesn't look like something to be dumped... Its great that you are taking the initiative for this.
I would love to see a video of you guys dumpster diving! 😆

This is unbelieveable! wow such great job. I've seen many expired American food products being sold in Mexicans public markets , i've tried them and they taste just like the real thing! and just for the price of cents.

I appreciate your work and efforts .Thumbs up and a resteem from my side to support your work
Thank you for spreading the awareness on this important topic
Your good Karma will pay off you in better way

Wow really opened my eyes... Thanks for the info

I'm glad.

Glad to see your store. Is it your food hub???

I am surprised that what i seen. That's really amazing stock you did. i Love food. I am going to faal on your work. Really very good job. Well done man.
You should treat me dear. @reko
Looking forward your reply.

Its a great initiative. Every day we are wasting million tons of food, on the other hand uncountable no of people are suffering from lack of food. This initiative will help lots of people. Hope inspiring by you one day more people will come forward and spared this program worldwide to save lots of lives. Go ahead. Thanks.

This is so cool, some people waste food instead of giving it to the needy, which explains one mans trash is another man treasure ,you are such a kind hearted personality. Thanks

Wow this is amazing awesome, i love food so much. Interesting pictures and nicly presented

You are the wealthiest Steemian I know of!
Wealth of heart, and your storehouse full, a living cornucopia and your diving partner as well.

Thank you L! I feel truly blessed... :)

wow... you just must be doing some serious research with how food is wasted , i do agree there is so much imbalance in the world some poeple waste others are sleeping hungry , yet those waste don't care .

Really really nice comment, thanks for sharing!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!! 🌲😃😎

@reko this is a great example !!! Great work


Your post is just amazing and it been nice to see your work .

Wow great photography all the images are amazing..... foods looks really good and delicious and yummy thank you for sharing the recipe....

Good job! Nice Post

Many people didn’t realized how lucky they are to have food on their table and most of them just throw left over food instead of sharing…
I’m lucky to have parents taught us how to appreciate all blessing and to share it to those who are unfortunate …

I remembered most of the time when my mother cooked for us (even if there’s no occasion) she always have bowl of food to share it to our neighbor who is very old …
Even if she knew they have their food to eat my parents has a good heart of sharing …

She always taught “Iba yung bigay” It’s different when you give…

good thing to share what you have…

this is a good things, keep sharing and keep it up

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Give a man free food, and you feed Him for a day. Teach a man to garbage dive, and you feed him for a lifetime

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@reko excellent work doing keep it up to serve batter and batter

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So wonderful to see that youre saving all this from the trash!

Reko you are a great source of motivation

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Its good thing to do

Amazing ide and work.

So what time is Dinner? :)

hehe with this amount of food you'd be surprised how seldom I have dinner;)

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Hay its really inspiring and also trigger the humidity with in us.

Good for you! I work for the airlines, and you won't believe how much food is wasted on the airplane. You do good work.

Looking thats food make me so hungry😢 i think Thats food is so delicious😍

Another great haul. I can think of lots of things worse than having to eat lots of salmon! It's great brain food!

Who knew big industrial bakerys invented ovens to burn bread and bake new bread given from the heat? Due to the huge overproduction.
What do you think of that ?

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