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imageClouds were formed in the sky during that time. Jhiri Jhiri cold air. So at 11am, the sun was not full of roses. The rows of trees beside the banks of the river have shade the place. The place to sit beside If you look at the river there, the mind becomes furfure. Boats have been kept on the banks of the river.

I do not know how many words are tired / Nako / this river / one pala fishranga river, the ramdhansu / beak wings of the river, the lotus Padma / the lotus in the river of the lotus / people do not see those in the river / Jainagati standing anyone who is fascinated by Jibanananda Das You can print.For such a pleasant view, there will be a public gathering in the morning and afternoon. From morning till afternoon, there are more crowds of people. The area surrounded by the natural beauty of Himel Hawaar is the major station Molehed in the confluence of the Padma-Meghna-Dakatia river in Chandpur town, also known as the Mohana. Many people say it as 'Thoda' of the city. The district administration declared it as a tourist area named 'Hilsa Chandpur'.
Hundreds of people came to visit every day from early morning till night. The number of local people is more than that. Many tourists from around the district outside Chandpur came to visit. However, there are thousands of tourists visiting the Eid, Puja, Paola Baishakh and various public holidays. imageNazrul Islam, the second year student of Chandpur Government College, sat with two friends at the place where the river was built. His house in Baburhat. He said, sometimes came to visit here. Chat with friends. It is quite a pleasure to enjoy the nicotine environment and winds on the banks of the river. He said that all the fatigue is gone here. The heart is filled with tranquility.
There you can see the Padma Meghna frenzy, sunset, fishing, various types of navigational movement. Next to this big station is a large layer of fresh fish, including Padma, Meghna and Rupali Hilsa. Most of the people who came to visit were taking fresh fish from Chandpur while going. Steamerghat on one side of the big station, launches at the other side, railway station in the middle. imageThe place is visited, there are some structures built there. A sculpture of Rupali Hilsa is being constructed at the entrance. The famous Chandpur for the Hilsa fish is called 'Hilsa Houses'. Hence, Hilsha has been chosen for the sculpture of the city as an icon. It is known that this sculpture will be developed as 'Selfi Zone'. During the liberation war, the mass killing site witnessed mass killings in Chandpur also. A monument has been constructed in memory of the dead body. A little distance away from the playground of children. On the other side, some sellers are sitting in front of the shop for sale, fuchsia and gooseberry. Few buyers are buying food. On the other side, in the vaulted women in the vane, some of the dealers of jewelry, tip, children's toys, clips, hair bands, etc. have put together some dealers.
Plastic toys, women's emissions jewelry and children's clips, and the band has been decorated by a seller. Rafiq Near his home in the raw colony Rafiq said, the crowd is more in the afternoon. In the meantime, if the holiday season increases, its sales are high. On average, selling 600 Taka products per day. However, on holiday, more than thousand rupees were sold. His family left the sale of this product. The family has parents, wives, one and a half months old daughter and two siblings. imageRocky, a teenager with help in selling the product, has a teenager. His claim, except for studies, roaming around with boys around Rocky. That's why he kept busy with him. In addition to that, Rokey has admitted to a voluntary free school. Helping him throughout the day, he goes to the school in the afternoon, Roki.
Rocky said he was reading in the second grade.
However, the dealer Rafiq said in the eulogy, there will be a lot to build for the tourist place. Then the vendors like them would have to move away from here. Now there is no hire or subscription for anyone to sell the goods, he said. imageSamir, a resident of Puran Bazar, has been selling jhalmuri for several years. He said, before that he used to sell jhalmuri alone. Now a few more sells Jhalmuri. So, in the competition, his income has decreased from earlier. A day after selling 1 thousand rupees of Jhaluri, half the amount of money is his profit.
Attempts to develop planned tourism centers
Chandpur District Administration has already declared this place as the tourist area of ​​the big station. The place is the government railway and the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC), the petition was given to the tourism corporation from the district administration. According to the district administration sources, the response to the petition was given by the railway five acres and BIWTC allotted 20 acres of land. imageMeanwhile, Sajjad Hossain, planner of Chandpur Municipality, built this design with the initiative of the big station Molhad. According to his design, there will be attractive entrances, walkways, kenny casekids, gardens, food court facilities including restaurants, kids zones, water wards inside the security gardens.
Sajjad Hossain said, there is a need for coordinated action to implement this plan. It can be done at very low cost. Expenditure will come in one year of implementation. imageChandpur former deputy commissioner and current tourism corporation director Abdus Sabur Mondal said, "I have a dream about Chandpur. Work is going on with that goal.
However, local conscious people demanded that illegal installations and people to be evicted from the land of railway and BIWTC in the big stations of Chandpur will be evicted. Otherwise, the dream of building the place as a planned tourist destination will not be fulfilled.


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