Fermented Greens For A Healthy Immune System and Gut

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Cultured Food

Keep Your Digestive System Healthy And You Will Feel Happy

Kale and collards, along with some peppers growing in my garden.

I spy some carrots, bokchoy, wild apples, peppers, and spices to add to my fermented mix.

Collards and kale are bitter tasting so I puree apples, shred sweet carrots, chop up some onions and garlic, add some sweet greens like cabbage and bokchoy. The stinky part of bokchoy are the radishes, if I add radishes I have to eat my fermented greens outside. My family hates the smell, I love it! The radishes make the mix stink like something died! I love the taste fermented radishes give to the mix. All veggies are from my garden.

I sprinkle with canning salt and knead the salt into the leaves, bruising the leaves. I put a plate on top of the greens and let sit for a good 8 hours before I stuff everything in a jar.

I save the stems and grind up in my blender for vegetable soup stock. I was raised not to waste anything.

Salted bokchoy greens. Time to pack the greens back into my soon to be fermented veggie mix

Everything is prepped and ready to mix together. I let my jars full of veggies, fruit puree, and spices sit for 3 to seven days in a dark cupboard. Once the mix is bubbly I put the jars in my refrigerator and I can keep the mix through the winter

Half gallon caning jars make excellent fermentation jars. Many people buy special clay pots for culturing their veggies. I am too cheap, I use my canning jars and have had successful batches of veggies for years. I make sure the top of the jar is covered with a layer of olive oil or add weights to the top of the greens to keep them under the brine, which prevents mold from growing. Once mold starts I have to throw the batch out. Even a light dusting of mold has filaments that have already spread through the mix. I use a cloth to cover the top of my jar to keep the bugs out. I don't use a mother culture, I like the wild fermentation process.

Fermented Foods and Brain Health

Pickle the stems, fermented greens.

Is fermented food a recipe for good gut health? By Philippa Roxby Health reporter, BBC News

NCBI.gov's research on gut health, probiotics, and mental health.

Glyphosate formulations and their use for the inhibition of 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase. Our gut bacteria have the same pathway (shikimate pathway) as the pathogens this patent is talking about.....sigh

Fermented foods, microbiota, and mental health: ancient practice meets nutritional psychiatry

Recipe For One Quart Of Fermented Greens

You can use what ever greens you like or can find in the store. Be sure to use organic veggies because many times pesticides and herbicides will prevent a healthy culture growth. Glyphosate in the herbicide Roundup has been patented as an antibiotic

Kale and collards are very bitter and will make a strong tasting fermented veggie. I would add some sweet greens and even a pureed banana or diced/pureed apples to even out the bitter taste of the greens.

Each species of green leafy vegetables have their own texture, collards and kale can be tough and chewy which I like. I like chewy food when I get in that, "I have have a snack mood."

You can mix mustard greens or add chili mixes to give your mix a bite

If you have problems digesting broccoli you will have problems with collards and kale, they have the same chemicals that cause gas and distress.


Two large bunches of greens will fill one quart jar. Cut up leaves and stems into bite size pieces. Add extra yummies and you will need more jars.

Three tablespoons of sea salt, that's almost 1/4 cup of salt

Three cloves of garlic, add more if you like garlic like me!


In a large bowl sprinkle salt over your greens and roughly rub salt over green leaves to bruise and prep leaves for fermentation. This will release the liquid from the greens and become your brine.

You can chop up the garlic, I squash them and throw them in the half full jar of greens and add the rest of the greens to the jar. Squash them all in there tightly.

Make sure the mix is covered with liquid, add some boiled water if you don't have enough brine. I add a weight to the top of the mix, I use a cheese cloth bag full of sea rocks that have been sterilized or I cover the top of the brine filled jar with olive oil. The salty water or the oil prevent fungus and mold growth. Let sit anywhere from 3 days to 14 days. The longer you let the mix sit the tangier it'll taste. I like mine well fermented! Store in a dark cupboard and move to fridge once fermented to your taste.

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Excellent, information aimed at a positive goal is something that is getting rarer.

Preserving knowledge, food, health, and sanity all in one post, and an accessible presentation and delivery.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

Beautiful :) healthy post @reddust take care of your health also :) <3


i think thats the reason why you are too young <3 :)


Maybe, I think it's genetic, both sides of my family mature slowly and age slowly....Although diet does play a big role in how my genes can express their data...


Absolutely diet helps alot its the main thing !

wow that is a great and healthy post :D


@blazing, I have to pull myself away from my painting sometimes or I end up a very boring grandma :P


hahahh nothing like that you are awesome already :D

I love the mixture of vegetables, it seems very sparkling.


The sparkle happens in your mouth when you eat fermented foods, it's kind of bubbly.

Congratulations @reddust
MinnowsPower listed your post "Fermented Greens For A Healthy Immune System and Gut" as one of the top 20 posts of the day...!!!
A useful article to keep our digestive system healthy and have a happy life. Nice receipt of the food as well.

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I am glad you clarified your function, the resteemed bots are kind of like botflies, annoying.

i am a vegetable lover..... nice and health :)

@reddust Thank you for obtaining this out..


You are welcome @samwicallis.

Fermented veggies are loved here too. My mother is a big fan of radishes; I cannot stand their smell. Plus, each time she eats them, she becomes quite gassy and annoys her withfoul smelling burps and farts. Lol, sorry but the radishes always make me think of that. It's so good to see people caring about their health and I like your garden a lot :)


If I have the right mix of bacteria in my gut I hardly ever get farty, but when my gut is off, omg....I am stinky. A little bit of trivia most people fart 14 times a day, around a half of liter of methan.....hahaha, I swear I don't ...

Radishes are really good for our gallbladder and pancreas!


I am so glad you didn't get offended by the farty thing. Hahaha, nice fact! I am going to share it with my mother and I'm sure she will say: See, you fart as much so stop making fun of me' hahaha
Oh yes, radishes are extremely healthy and beneficial. Wrote an entire e-book on their benefits once.

I have to try this as I love all the greens and veggies. Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome @team101, we humans need a bit of green in our diet. There are exceptions like northern people who live off of just animals and fish. They eat a lot of raw meat and organ food which has the same mineral and vitamin content as greens.

Great post, you must have a terrific garden.


Thank you @manorvillemike, working in a big garden is like working out at the gym except all my effort produces good food as well as good muscles.

Wow, I am speechless. wonderfull healthy blog. I like that you use everything and dont waste any "greens". Thanks for the inspiring minutes and useful links.


You are welcome @elgeko, my garden skills were handed down to me through my mother's, mother....

that's a good way of securing a healthy digestive system...I'll resteem this one. thanks @reddust.


Thank you @joshvel, I appreciate your support. I hope this message gets out to everyone so they can be healthy and productive.

thanks for the recipe.

the post is pretty detailed and love the way you describe and explain them
got a new dish for my healthy immune system :)

Hello @reddust thank you for the tips , its very helpfull for autumn but in the moment i can use only buyed vegetibles from farmers. But its okey i think so. Thank you very much :)


If the farmers don't use herbicides and pesticides you should have no problems!

@reddust, you are killing me (in a good way of course).

I need to improve my digestive health, but I cannot stand fermented foods and drinks. I was often served fermented rice in Indonesia. Ah! Sorry reddust! I always enjoy your posts, but I can do it! 😀

Hope all is well.


@sumatranate, I read an article about some of the last hunter gathers living in Africa. They have some of the most diversified gut bacteria in the world. The colonies of gut bacteria changes with the seasons as well. Sometimes one or groups of bacteria will completely disappear only to appear again at the same time next year. The researchers found the gut bacteria that improve our health and mental well-being come from food sources, not only from plant life but also animals killed and eaten. These are some of the healthiest people on earth related to gut health.

I always like to grow small vegetables, I used to have a small garden where I was happy to see them grow and produce fruits, it is more tasty when one harvests them. although I confide q never I ate fermented, I'm curious to know that they know @reddust .


I think growing food links us to our ancestors, gives us roots and stabilizes us when we touch the ground with bare feet and hands. The dirt is related to our gut in many ways.

OMG you farmed everything in your garden! That would be a great work and no fertilized foods! That's amazing! Thank you very much for sharing such great experiences with us!



Thank you @theguruasia, gardening seems to drain negative energy out of my body, it's like grounding and stabilizing activity. So I do a lot of gardening...hahahah

Hmm, did not know about the olive oil along the rim of the jar trick. I'll have to ask my farming cousins if they know about that one.


I didn't know about the olive oil either, I read about it several times on different fermentation recipes and decided to try it out, it works and adds a nice flavor to the mix when served.

the end result looks good! i've gotta try this sometime...


Making fermented greens is super easy compared to some of my other recipes lololol

Great post, following and sharing to my page.


Thank you @christa, wishing you great gut health!

amigo #resteemia at your service

impressive work & nice sharing @reddust

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that looks great , I want to try!

vegan like it

You are sharing the knowledge that is very hard to find here on steemit. Everybody is searching for the ways to live a healthy and peaceful life. A big secret of it lies in our diets, so you have shared a great piece of health article here. Immunity is the only thing responsible for our prolonged life.

When my garden is done i wil be setting up a small healthy garden.

Wow! Interesting. I haven't thought of fermenting anything like this. We do kefir and Kombucha. Thanks for the how to and reason behind it. Hilarious that you can't eat radishes inside the house if you ferment them. I'm not sure I could eat it though if it smelled like something died. :)