"Rendang" CNN's most delicious number one food in the world🍴🍽🍴🍴🍽

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Rendang is a traditional food resulted from repeated cooking process which believed to be originated from west sumatera Indonesia. There are several types of rendang from beef, egg, chicken, eel, fish, and lung however beef rendang is the most famous type of rendang. Therefore when we say Rendang most people would refer as beef rendang Since 2011 beef Rendang has gained worldwide popularity after placed eleventh on CNN world’s 50 best foods (CNNgo staff, 2011). The name Rendang derives from word

History of rendang believed to be back from the 16th century, the dish also featured in classical Malay literature such as Hikayat Amir Hamzah. Rendang considered as having respected position and philosophy on Minangkabau society. Four main ingredients in beef Rendang represents the unity of Minangkabau people. Beef known as daging represents “Niniak Mamak” which means the tribe’s leader, coconut known as karambia represents “cadiak pandai” which means intellectual, chili known as lado represents ulama who teaches Islamic knowledge, and blended of spices which represents the entire Minangkabau society. Those four elements are the based of Rendang main’s philosophy “Musyawarah Mufakat” which means negotiating and agreed together.

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