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I've written before about my food preference changes. Back then I was just starting with a vegetarian-orientated diet with a few meat-days ( or better say..meat meals) sprinkled in. I'm pretty much in the same spot but with almost 6 full days of veggies.

What surprised me is that is pretty difficult to have discussions about this with people. Everyone seems to have an opinion about food and what is good bad ethical or not. Even if people don't know much they do think they know a lot. I mean, I get it, we all eat but that doesn't make us experts!


The problem for me is that I am very bad at arguing and ever worse at making my points compelling. One of the main issues I have is that I am not sure or trust my sources. Right now, in the health-direction of this discussion I am not really sure what is actually unhealthy?

Is milk healthy? Some say it is, some say it's stupid for an animal to drink milk after babyhood. That we are the only animal doing this and it is unnatural and cruel to animals. But I love cheese. And it is nutritious so what gives. We are the only animal who does A LOT of stuff, doesn't mean that we should all regress. That logic makes no sense to me. But, what does the science say?
As many opinions as there are sites/studies. It is good-bad-meh depending on the day and moon cycle.

With meat is even worse.

With so many documentaries and videos and random articles from vegans, vegetarians and random nutritionist everyone feel an expert. But again, nobody really is. Still, some big big things are clear:
eating a vegetarian diet is not less healthy than eating a meat-based diet.

That's one of those takeaways that should be clear. If someone goes vegetarian, it's no reason to panic or try to change his mind. People freaked out around me cause I'll die of malnutrition. Like what? how? :)
It's the same reaction I received with IF. Yeah, fasting doesn't kill you..sorry?

So I see this as an opportunity for everyone to learn from each other and evolve their thinking. Cause for me, learning and getting educated about meat and diary and its effect on the planet cause a shift in mentality and values and in time, it becomes harder to resonate with people who - just don't get it! -. This might be why Vegans are hated by everyone.

Or maybe they're just dicks.

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Milk might be meh because of the liberal use of antibiotics in the cow's diet but you can get around that with bio milk ( from Lidl for example ). Cheese and dairy products are definitely healthy and very good for our intestinal flora ( the bugs inside our guts ) - one of the best is kefir.
Meat is a lot more complex, some meats are ok-ish while others not so much - the more processed it is the worse it is.
Fish in general is the best meat, though they contain a lot of nanoplastic and we still don't know how that affects us or the fish.
Fruit, vegetables and free range eggs should still be a constant of every diet with the mention that refined carbohydrates like bread should not become a habit.
Hope I helped a little :)


You helped a little and this is in line with my thinking..but it answers not the ethical issues with eating animals, which is also very important.


I'll leave that one up to you. I'm more of a scientist than a philosopher :)

There is no one diet that fits all. In essence milk or meat are not unhealthy it is how it is being produced these days that makes it unhealthy. Same can be said about pesticides present on conventional veggies and fruits. The world isn't making it easy for us to determine what is healthy or not... Glad to hear you are still enjoying the veggie dishes ;)


enjoying and cooking a lot but I'm still not GREAT at cooking veggies. Experimenting with indian but can't get it to be GOOOODDD. dunno why


Indian is the best. So much flavor. Making a paste is easy and one of the basics and of course a lot of spices are needed. Good luck!

Too much emphasis is placed on the latest "research" results and then suddenly some or other fad becomes the trend. Not too long ago, it was coconut oil. Everything must be cooked in coconut oil. So on and so on.
I think we should eat what we enjoy, but of course within the normal caloric limit.
Personally, my own tastes change, one period I enjoy chicken, now I can't stand it, another time it was salads, now I don't mind how it comes.

Frankly speaking, plant-based food is healthier than meat based.
Food gives energy. Where does energy come from? The Sun.
So, basically when you eat plant based food, you get fresh energy.
When you eat animal-based food, it's like used energy.

Amigo no se cual es el centro del post que has hecho pero lo que si te puedo recomendar es que hagas comidas balanceadas, los excesos siempre son dañinos.

eating a vegetarian diet is not less healthy than eating a meat-based diet.

I don't remember which one it was but there is some vitamin you can't get from plants alone. I think it was a B vitamin but I don't recall. Just eat what you feel like eating, your body knows what it needs. A lot of people are having great results from a paleo diet which includes loads of bone broth, that stuff is great for you.
I believe that your latter conclusion about them is probably correct, I can't imagine what a dick I would be if I could never get a goddamned cheeseburger. The Dalai Lama eats meat ;)