Having Lunch With My Family at KFC

in #food2 months ago

Sometime we need to go out with our family, to spend time together. For example, to have lunch or dinner. It’s a good habit to improve quality time with them. Few weeks ago, we went out to have lunch at KFC in our home town, Bireuen.


Many people like to eat KFC menus. Why? Because it’s so famous and provide delicious food and drinks.



“It all starts with the appetite for life”. A good motto of KFC. We need to have appetite, we need to be joyful.


Fried chickens are their best menu. My children like them so much. I ordered some pieces of them that time. Not only fried chickens, I also ordered a portion of french fries.



And ordered drinks as well.



Even KFC menus are fast food, sometime I think we could enjoy them.


But now, KFC here only provide takeaway service since our town is locked down due to corona virus pandemic. I hope the pandemic will finish as soon as possible, so that we could hang out and travel again.

Warm Regard,


For some reason, KFC in Indonesia tastes better than anywhere in the world I've ever been!!
Hope you and your family are staying safe and well mate :-)