The Most Healthiest ONE Ingredient Ice Cream Recipe For Everyone!

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We all love a good bowl of ice cream, especially on a hot summer's day. Something about ice cream makes us happy and puts a smile on our face. Unfortunately, the ice cream sold in stores and in ice cream trucks are made with highly processed ingredients with artificial colors and flavors. Dairy and sugar cause all sorts of health problems, including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, headaches, and more. Check out this post I wrote on 'the ingredients found in soft serve ice cream will make you scream' to learn more about the carcinogens in your favorite ice cream flavors.

As a child, ice cream was one of my favorite foods to eat. I would always beg my mother to bring home a container of ice cream every time she went to the store. Cookie dough was my favorite flavor, second to vanilla and then chocolate. Eating ice cream was comforting, especially while watching a really good movie.

Now that I'm #rawvegan, eating ice cream just got even MORE joyful and exciting! The fact that I can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I feel like it WITHOUT the guilt or feeling terrible afterwards is amazing. How many of you would enjoy that pleasure?

So for all you ice cream lovers out there, here is a yummy, simple, clean, and healthy, fruit (banana) ice cream recipe that EVERYONE can enjoy with ZERO guilt! The consistency and taste of this ice cream resembles the dairy ice cream. You don't have to sacrifice taste for anything when you go vegan. You'll never miss ice cream again or may not even buy another carton of ice cream from the store once you try this recipe!


For this recipe, you will need to do the following:

1.) First, freeze RIPE bananas. By ripe, I mean bananas that have cheetah spots. If you do not have cheetah spotted bananas, wait for them to ripen. Bananas ripen pretty quick. Store them in a brown bag with 2 to 3 apples helps bananas release ethylpopene gas, which helps nanas get spotty quicker.
Once your bananas are ripe, peel and freeze them in BPA-free plastic bags. Freeze bananas for 6 to 8 hours (the longer you freeze, the more colder the ice cream will be).

2.) Place frozen bananas in your food processor or high speed blender, blending or processing until a creamy and smooth consistency. If you're using your food processor, you will have to scrape the sides of your machine occasionally. I prefer to simply use my Dash high powered blender to make my ice cream all the time, as the consistency comes out perfect since the blender has a frozen setting which helps make ice cream easier and smoother. I find if I make my ice cream in my food processor, the consistency is more like whipped cream and turns out too thick. Some may not mind, but something to note.

3.) Once your ice cream is ready (usually within 2-3 minutes), scoop the ice cream in a bowl and top it off with whatever your heart desires. Chopped fruits and homemade chocolate chunks are always great options. I love drizzling Wholesome Sweet black strap molasses on top of my ice creams. Always makes it more tastier.

Watch as my father, Jeremiah, The Raw Vegan Preneur shows you how easy it is to make banana ice cream with frozen RIPE bananas.

Here's how to freeze bananas properly to make banana ice cream.

And this is NOTHING compared to the vegan version ice creams available in stores, such as from brands like So Delicious, Ben & Jerry and Breyers. Making your own ice cream from frozen bananas and any other fruit of choice you want is so easy, fast and cost-effective.

Share this recipe and spread the love!

Have you tried banana ice cream before? What is your favorite flavor? Please share in the comments.

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I have two bananas I was thinking to throw away. now they have a usage


Well, I'm glad you came across my post! I just saved your bananas from going to waste. Buy some more and freeze them and try this recipe and let me know what you think :) you'll be glad you did ;)

Yum! I love mixing frozen bananas with peanut butter and cacao. I always wondered if it would still turn out blended and then frozen for later.


Yum! That's my favorite mixture, too! Bananas with peanut butter and cacao are the best combo ever 😍 I love drizzling black strap molasses on top of my ice cream, then mixing it in with creamy PB from Crazy Richard's (they make the BEST and healthiest brand of PB ever!). So delish!!

you can always blend your frozen bananas until a creamy and smooth and store in a container and freeze to eat later. Although I prefer to eat my ice cream soft-serve, freezing it for later turns out delish, too. Hope that answered your curiosity ;)