Rainbow Food - Eating all the Colours in One Meal?

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Fruits and veggies with certain colours have certain nutritional properties. Red for example is great for a healthy heart and greens can boost our immune system

Therefore often comes the saying “eating the rainbow” to get the full nutritional spectrum into our diet. But do we have to mix all colours in one meal to be sufficiently nourished? 🤔

bell pepper zoodles 2.jpg

If you’d like to get the recipe for this creamy Bell Pepper Pasta along with many more colourful raw vegan dishes, check out my ebook Raw Vegan Abundance. 🙌🏻💫

Eating a lot of different foods in just one dish can be very challenging for our digestive system, taking up much more energy. Therefore it’s better to keep meals simple and strive to eat a variety of colours in the course of a day or a week instead of trying to fit them all into one meal.

And to get the produce with the highest nutritional value, as a rule of thumb you can go for the bell pepper with the most intense red colour, for the darkest kale or the greenest of all zucchini.

What colour of foods could you eat more of in your daily meals?

Have a colourful day, everyone! Anais

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I love pasta like that so delicious indeed

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