Do it the Ripe Way - Selecting Delicious Fruits

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The first time I tried a persimmon, it was crunchy and actually a bit pale on the inside. I was not crazy about persimmon at that time, but since persimmon is one of the very few fruits available in wintertime in Germany, I had some now and then.

Two seasons passed and I stumbled across a Youtube video from some raw foodie who was eating persimmons. I almost didn’t recognise them though since the texture was so very different from the ones I was used to. It turned out, that I just have been eating them in their unripe state all the time. Who could have guessed since they were only sold this crunchy at the supermarket.

So next time I bought some, I let them sit and sit and sit till they became super soft outside, almost and sometimes literally bursting open. Then I tried them and I was blown away - so sweet and creamy just like a very delicious candy.

A whole different experience!

That actually happened to me with so many fruits - papaya, bananas, mango, pineapple or mamey sapote. I either just didn’t know the perfect state of ripeness at first or had no idea how to detect it. In case you’ve tasted a fruit before and didn’t like it, maybe you’ve just not caught it in its prime time. So give all those amazing fruits a second chance, find out how to enjoy them the best way and dive in to the juicy goodness once again!

And if you still don’t like them - well, then you got thousands of other colourful fruits to choose from.

💫 You could use some inspiration how to turn your fruits into delicious nice cream, salads or smoothies? Then check out my ebook „Raw Vegan Abundance“ with 55 delicious and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time.

Have fun exploring! Anais

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Enjoying the Fruity side of life :)

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