Tom Yum

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4 garlic
4 chili
1batang lemongrass
2 tom yam seasoning ADABI
ingredients for paste tom yam
4 shallots
a little dried shrimp
a little black pepper
All the ingredients in the blend
I blend the ingredients in the fry until redness.

Heat water to boiling in a pot of braised tom yam paste input earlier

add galangal, lemongrass and carrot and wait until 1 minute.

add fillets, shrimp and squid.

add flower cabbage, onions holland, kaffir lime leaves, chilli spicy.add salt, sugar. fish sauce, cilantro and lime juice lime. follow your taste

after 3 minutes tom yum ready to serve

by @Raseukinapobri


very nice food post!

Looks very nice and healthy too!