Sauteed Pare

in food •  3 years ago 


1 pare of considerable size
3 shallots
2 pieces of garlic
3 large red chilies
3 pieces of cayenne pepper
2 tbsp tauco
salt to taste
granulated sugar to taste
less water
cooking oil for sauteing

Step 1

Prepare ingredients pare then split n cut in half and cut into pieces sprinkle a little salt knead briefly, so as not to taste bitter and wash and rinse with clean, then drain

step 2

Then saute the ingredients until soft fragrant n ... enter taoco and stir

step 3

If the Start bit dry seasoning enter pare stir well and add a little water

step 4

Then enter the seasoning salt, sugar, if it is slightly wilted and slightly dries sauteed pare ready to be served

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