My first time making Kompot! (Ingredients Included)

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Yesterday, I was kinda bored have didn't have anything to do since it was hot outside and I can't go anywhere. While I was watching some YouTube Videos, I remembered that I once saw a video about how I can make Kompot. If you don't know what that is I will tell you.

What is Kompot?

Kompot is a sweet beverage (No Alcohol). It is made by cooking fruits such as Peach, Strawberries or any fruit that you like. You can drink it cold on summer and hot in winter.

It is mostly made in eastern countries such as Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, and etc...

Cooking Kompot

First you need to get some fruits. I got 4 peaches since it is my first time doing it.


Now you need to add around 4 cup of water in the cooking pot.


It should take around 10 minutes to boil. After it starts to boil, add your fruits in it. In my case I will add the peaches.



If the water starts to take the color of your fruit, then congratulations, you have passed the hardest part :)

After 10 minutes, add at least a half cup of sugar. The cup must be big :P


Set it to boil again and wait for 20 minutes! After that, congratulations! You're kompot is almost ready!

Take it away from the stove and add a half lemon in it. Wait until it cools down and put it in the refrigerator. Now you can taste your home made KOMPOT!!!

Sorry I couldn't take a picture of the kompot since it was very tasty and forgot haha!

So what you only need is Fruit, Water, Sugar, and Lemon! That's it. Better than drinking unhealthy pepsi/coca cola!

Thanks for following this quick article! If you liked it, and have any question just comment :)


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