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in food •  2 years ago 

I am starting a video series called Making the Most of Leftovers. For my first installment, I have Steelhead Salad Spread made from a leftover steelhead fillet I had baked in the Solar Oven the day before for dinner. To keep it very frugal, I added home made mayo from eggs I had frozen two years prior, homegrown cucumbers, serrano pepper, onion, and garlic. Plus I threw in some black olives because, well, we just really like them.

Here is the video showing how I put it all together:

Hope you all are having a lovely week and be watching for more such recipes in the future!


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I like the idea of frozen eggs to make mayo. I will try this as soon as I get enough eggs to freeze! lol The kids and grandkids keep raiding the chicken house! lol

I have the same problem as well! So many eggs yet never enough lol

My chickens (or two of them anyway) just started laying and I am so happy. But even with just those two eggs a day, I can see that once all 7 of them are laying, I just may be overwhelmed! haha! I will certainly be freezing them up like I did with those others. I have had several people asking me to make a how-to video on that too so I will be getting on that soon :)

I actually love leftovers! This is going to be a great series :)

Steelhead trout is one of our favorites ,but we never have left overs hehe.
Sounds like a wonderful recipe though!