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I know, I know, I have been MIA again. Though I am finding more time for things that require little thought, I just do not like the idea of trying to throw up a post without taking the time to make it worthwhile. So I have been cheating a bit with sharing my videos here but I promise, I do have some blogs I am planning on writing. I even have folders of photos I have taken along the way to go with the blogs.

At any rate here is one of my most recent videos on how I am currently making my bread using my own fermentation starter

And if you have not seen my How To on making your own fermentation starter - which can be used for making homemade natural sodas, fermenting kimchi and other veggies and fruits - I will also share that here:

And as a bonus, here is some recent canning I did - 12 quarts of tomatoes for making my Italian sauces, chili, BBQ sauce and more, 11 pints of homemade salsa, and 6 quarts of peaches.


I do hope to have time again in the near future to start putting out regular and well thought out posts again. I have one on soap making, another on food foraging, and several more lined up. So please do not give up on me! :D

Thanks for stopping in and I do hope you have all been doing well!


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This is interesting as I did not know that bread can be made by fermentation starter.

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I love this platform for so many reasons and you have just became one of them. I really like the variety of things that I find on here. I really enjoy my time in the kitchen as well. I started canning about 12 years ago and it is so fun. and i love to cook my daughter makes fun of me but her friends think Im the cool dad because Im always making them treats when they come over. lol I will have to try the bread it looks great. Thanks for the idea i will be following and you earned it with ease upvoted.

yummy food,i like it,upvoted

You have been busy! You are forgiven for not posting. I'll wait for more...:)

Thank you! haha :D

fantastic food and keepp it up my friend

You are a busy girl!

Your posts always make me hungry. It is always busy on a homestead, no worries, Steem On!

This is so interesting, thanks for sharing.

Heidi, thanks for the review on fermentation starter. I really needed it.

Oh wow! This is amazing. Thank you :)

So I made a gluten free loaf with a starter I made based on your guide. I have a raisin and honey starter, and I pulled it out of the fridge and fed it after I woke up. Before I went to bed I mixed 1 cup starter with 1 cup homemade gluten free flour mix, small bit of grapeseed oil, and about a teaspoon of salt. The next morning I mixed the starter mix with one cup GF flour mix. I covered the bowl with a damp towel and put it on top of the fridge for a couple of flours. I heated up a dutch oven in a 450ºF oven for about an hour. I gently grabbed the dough, floured the bottom and put it in the dutch oven for 30 minutes. I then removed the lid and cooked it for about 20 more minutes. It turned out great! It was very much like store bought white bread. The dough was even making kind of fizzing noises before I put it in the oven! It also toasted beautifully! I'm going to do some more experiments, but so far, so good!

Beautiful photos!