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Patrick and I went out and picked another 5 gallons of blackberries yesterday and I also made a huge batch of chili on my rocket stove. Today, I froze most of the blackberries but made some low sugar jam with a bit of them using my own homemade organic pectin. I also canned up 12 pints of the chili and 3 more pints of plain kidney beans.


To the left of the pot of chili, I also melted some wax (a garage sale find candle) down for making more fire starters - how I do that will be in a future post .


I also got more homegrown zucchini fermenting along with my serrano peppers! GOOD STUFF!

Here is the video I put up yesterday showing how I started the first batch of fermented zucchini and my other favorite way to preserve it, along with some answers to vinegar questions I get and more:

Hope you are all having a lovely week! ~Heidi


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interesting stuff :) why not post some of your older video's here on steemit ? if you have time that is that way when I like/upvote I know for sure you'r getting something from it :D I don't know if yt is paying as well as some folks would have us beleave :/ thanks for sharing

I keep meaning to do more, just get so busy. I am thinking when things slow down a bit, I can start doing more posts again. I was doing 2-3 every day and trying to get at least one of my older videos up each day too, but good grief, some days I think if things get any busier, I am just going to have to find a way to do without sleep!

go without sleep ??? then both you and Mr Rain could end up hurt :( we don't want that :/ you just bide your time and next thing you know winter is here and most if not all your canning is done then you can get back to posting so much you'll feel like going postal :P I'm sure it will work out eventually :D

Always enjoy your post! Fermented and homegrown foods are just the best!

Thank you Amy!

5 gallons of blackberries? Wow! I'd be in heaven, scratches and all!

Yes, we live in a place where wonderful blackberries grow wild and so abundantly that they are considered a noxious weed! We have picked 10 gallons so far this year and I want to go get another 5. That will beat our record of 13 gallons! haha

That's a lot of berries! I could make a big batch of wine with that much, and still have lots left to can or freeze.

I helped my mom find some elderberries about a week ago, and I'm waiting on some jelly and syrup from her. How many blackberry bushes does it take to get 5 gallons of blackberries?

Not as many as it may sound but they grow wild and abundantly here, to the point they are considered a noxious weed - believe it or not - so we do not need to grow our own, we just go find a good place to pick which can be just about anywhere. :)

Hello raincountry, great post I like it very much :)