Padang Cuisine

in food •  5 months ago


Padang cuisine is familiar to the tongue of the Indonesian people. Because the food is full of taste, it is not imagined if every city in Indonesia has a restaurant that provides it. Hmm, what can make Padang or Minang cuisine so popular in Indonesian society? The following are the secrets and characteristics of Padang cuisine


Spicy taste is very identical to the typical Padang cuisine, this certainly has its origin. In the past, the Minangkabau region was divided into 3, known as luhak nan tigo, namely Luhak Agam, Luhak Limapuluh Kota and Luhak Tanah Datar. The origin of Minang cuisine comes from the 3 regions which are highland areas and also called darek. The darek area is surrounded by cold air, therefore it takes something warm for its inhabitants.


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