Starting out strong. Health before wealth.

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Today, I finally got back on my schedule.

Going to bed early(ier), having a coffee while steeming, and meal prepping for the week. My stomach has been on vacation with me, and this extra baggage has now got to go!

I absolutely love junk food. Chips, chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter, cereal, pizza... Etc. But, the guilt! Waking up in the middle of the night with indigestion, and not loving the person staring back at me in the mirror; Has made me make some (hopefully long-term) healthy eating and exercise habits.

I have always consistently lived fairly healthy. I never eat past 8pm, and always fast through breakfast until lunch. This gives me roughly 16 hours of no food daily. Intermittent fasting. My boyfriend has been doing this for 8 years now, and since I have known him, he has only had breakfast 3-4 times (on special occasions). The only way this is feasible for us is by drinking coffee in the mornings. Caffeine helps hold over your cravings, allowing you to forgo breakfast.

By fasting, I don't have to feel such guilt when I plow through 3 rows of Oreos... However, this is surely not a routine I can stick with without regret.

So I woke up this morning, on a mission!

I had my coffee, got into my gym clothes, and paired my new Senso brand wireless ear buds. I had a pretty decent workout, especially considering I have been MIA for the past 2 months :)

After my workout, I snacked on some nuts and had a salad that I prepared last night for the upcoming week.

I found that if I just make a classic 'lettuce tomato and onion salad', I get bored easily. These salads lack substance, aren't exciting, and leave my stomach grumbling a mere minute after I eat. So, I like to create these vegetable medleys with nuts and cheeses :D

In the Philippines, there are a lot of people living with diabetes. This angers me, because when they go to the local Dr.'s offices, they always give them awful advice and they walk out with numerous prescriptions. Diabetes here is obviously caused by the awful diet staples we Filipinos adore. White rice, chips, pasta sauce with refined sugars to sweeten it, etc. I don't know how many of my followers have ever visited the Philippines, but we seriously LOVE our sugary foods.

When people ask my boyfriend about the Philippines, he is quick to mention that Filipinos are the nicest people he's ever met, but the traffic and food is god-awful. When people ask about the food, he is always quick to ask them if they have ever eaten at or saw a Filipino restaurant anywhere outside of the Philippines.

Eating healthy is a chore. It requires a lot of shopping, as there aren't any one-stop markets that carry all of the items one would need. In order to go grocery shopping for the week, you would literally have to spend an entire day driving around to different shops and markets, as well as fighting to find a decent parking spot. If only there were Whole Foods, and Trader Joes! (I have never been to either, but I have seen videos of walkthroughs, and have been on the receiving end of some delicious gifts from these stores!).

...And this is why this upcoming summer, I absolutely cannot wait to move to Ecuador! Fresh and organic fruits, meats and vegetables galore. I mean, just check out this market in Otavalo, Ecuador... (Supposedly its the biggest and oldest outdoor market in all of South America!)

As a Filipino, it is not easy for me to get a visa to many countries, but many places in South America are visa free, with a Tourist visa obtained on arrival. Most of the flights from the Philippines to South America have layovers in USA, and even these flights I cannot take. Without a transit visa I will have to fly from Cebu to Manila, to Dubai to Brazil to Ecuador! I guess it will be worth it all, when I step foot into perpetual spring-like weather! Oh, and since I have never seen and felt snow... We will spend our first full winter in Patagonia. Probably the Chilean side. Will I still love the snow after this? I hope so.

A little news about Steemit: Since the latest hardfork, there is no longer an incentive to auto-upvote your post as soon as its published. Instead, to maximize rewards you should wait at least 15 minutes.

And if you took the time to read this far down, and you are in the Philippines... I have a giveaway for you. (Only Steemians in the Philippines since it is requiring me to ship an item through postal mail). So, if you are living in the Philippines and leave me an awesome comment... I will reach out to the best one, and send you a New years gift. Trust me, it is very worth it :)

Thanks to all of my friends here, and I am grateful to have made such great lifelong friends and allies in my 5-month journey on Steemit. I will continue to support those, who support me.

Have an excellent start to an even better year. 2018 is OUR year to shine, and to make names for ourselves!




Nice. People in the west always eat junk food and die very early, it is good to eat better.

Eating healthier is always my new year's resolution... :P
But, I like meat!

All time need to target is health fast then anything @justyy

The most important thing is your meat source. Wild-caught, free range, and organic is best. Animals that had happy free lives are more nutritious and taste better. Also organic means they weren't fed growth hormones and don't have chemicals in their system that are detrimental to your health. More expensive, but in my experience, totally worth it.

We do not need meat to survive, look at the energy and power of a gorilla What does a lion after eating? He sleeps a few hours ;-)

yeah right bro

Exactly, If you study plant based diet and meat based diet you'd find that you don't necessarily need to eat meat although it's a choice.
Even if you're a vegan you can have a great healthy body just google "tore Washington" before saying you need meat to have a great body! 👍 #vegan #vegetarian

We do not need food to survive! Look at rocks, they can last for thousands of years without a drop of water!

yeah...there are more calories in white beans then any kind of yeah meat is not necessary to eat. its just an option or for special occasions

now at days many of us are not taking a whole meal of sleep which is around 8 hours ,which is very hard for us to do because of our busy schedule .

for some meat is essential

Of cause...I just think we should not eat too much meat but more vegetables beans, fruits,nuts.As colorful as possible the healthier it is in my opinion

well i dont know how old you are but i do know that eating meat is healthy, but for the young. It also depends on the kind of meat you eat. Red meat isn't good for the old or elderly but white meat is. By red meat i mean the likes of beaf, pork, bacon etc, and by white meat i mean, chicken, fish and any meat that doesnt really have blood deep in its skin that makes it look reddish. I love meat too a lot but i watch the kind of meat i eat. #smiles

Have you seen Forks Over Knives or What the Health?

I haven't seen forks over knives yet. But What the health is all lies and propaganda to get you to stop eating meat. I have nothing against vegans or their beliefs, i actually support most of it. But the truth is much more important than forcing fear on their unknowing viewers.

What part of it do you view as propaganda? Are there specific associations he makes that are fundamentally untruthful?

The documentary is targeting the meat industry and all affiliates. They do this because it is from an aggressive vegan perspective which makes their opinion biased.
This is the exact same situation as when the sugar industry paid for and promoted research and documentaries on how eating fat makes people fat and not sugar.
They are simply pushing their agenda. Also they provide zero proof for their evidence. So therefore if you believe what they are telling you, you are blindly trusting them.

eating fish is better than eating chicken

Hmm meat is the best you can eat! :-)

I agree! Everything in moderation. I think if you're active and make sure to eat lots of veggies, eating meat isn't going to hurt you one bit.

Correct. but its important that if you eat vegetables, you are not going to kook all the vitamines away...

correct, everything you do have to be in balance. Look at all things in nature. Everything is in balannce.

Yup, like meat, like everything else! Having a balanced diet is one big signal of a long life!

correct, everything you do have to be in balance. Look at all things in nature. Everything is in balannce.

Meat is super tasty. Most of the dishes I love to cook have meat at their core! I love it's color and texture. It's totally irreplaceable. Vegans always try and give me alternatives, but I haven't ever found something even half as good a replacement as the original thing.


i also like meat...Though over meat is not good for health..@justyy

Well, over-anything is not good for the health, right from the meaning of the word over-

Does over-health exist?

lol that's a good question, that I don't know haha

It is absolutely true that healthier food is necessary along with wealth.

Exactly! Money is but a tool you use to live well, but if you spend your life suffering, wealth is without a purpose (and even debatable).

Nicely put, Sharon
Money = options for your actions.
How you eat, exercise, sleep, have fun.
More money = more options. Less money = less options.

lean meat is your friend....or just moderation

Measure is the key
Watched the movie Eat Pray Love recently
Well, seems like Balance is very important in our lives.
A little bit of this a little bit of that

i am a fresh,i wanna make friends here

welcome curry

There's nothing wrong with meat. It contains easier obtainable proteins as well as iron, that a lot of vegetarians are low on. Also the fat is extremely healthy. Sugar is bad. Fat is good. Of course, not 2 kg of fat pr. day. Just add some veggies and some fish and you're good to go.

excellent explanation !!! ... the meat is not harmful, eating the excess is what harm

yes of course eating healthy and living well should be everyone one steemit new yr resolution while we steem

You literally typed what was on my mind.

Meat is not unhealthy in moderate quantities! It's bad for the animals, though. They die from it! (Like, when we kill them to eat them 😂.

If you can stay away from meat enough time you'll realize one day that it is not as good as you might think. Without counting the fact that it is the first factor of civilization's illness like cancers and diabete, industrial farming plays also an evil role kept generally untold on major medias in climatic changes.

Meat is life!

Really, Why you like eat meat?

Meat is the best. Look at the strength of Goku :-)

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I miss your fresh vegetable salad ate @purepinay 😗😍 . Hope to see you soon before you leave. 😭😭 .. Love you te 😗😗


Thats right:-)

I'll see you before I leave, I was even hoping you'll move to Cebu. It's better here than Manila. Too much traffic, more pollution, and crowds everywhere.

Aaaa, I looked up Cebu on Google Images. It's such a beautiful place! I want to visit it someday ❤️❤️.

ada 'fresh vegetable salad gud? haha It's called salad, lol well, we have salad the "filipino salad" means the dessert. That gave me really bad gas, remember I always complain about my tummy?

You have to be careful on what you eat, you have to take care of your health. I taught you about the fasting 'diet'. It's not really a diet, you have to change your lifestyle.

Can you cook the kuletz some mixe veggies with coconut milk tomorrow, they have to eat a lot of veggies and not process food.

Good night, Love you!

Always remember to remain mine @gerel. Thanks!

Woah that's a lot of greens. Wish you long life kababayan! I wish I could've joined your free gift. I've been away from the motherland for a few years now. Can you send it to my relatives there instead?! Lol.

Have an awesome day!

"A little news about Steemit: Since the latest hardfork, there is no longer an incentive to auto-upvote your post as soon as its published. Instead, to maximize rewards you should wait at least 15 minutes."
curious , why wait 15 mins @purepinay

As a newbie, I was wondering the same thing. I don't know of this makes sense, but if you up vote, will it make it seem like it's trending more if you wait 15 min?

As a newbie, I was wondering the same thing. I don't know of this makes sense, but if you up vote, will it make it seem like it's trending more if you wait 15 min?

Hi Gilaine! Checking your account, I believe you're from Cebu. I even saw a picture of you taken from Parkmall. Am I right? Hahaha. Anyways, lodi kaayo tika! I think usa kas pinakasikat sa steemit. Pwede mangayo ug tips? Aw. Hahaha. I'm curious tho if it eas a hard start for you too or since maayo man kaayo ka mu post, dali ra sa imu pag una? Please inspire the newbies! <3 @purepinay

Hello! Yes, I do have some photos at Parkmall :D

Thank you for the lovely comment. Since I chose your comment as the best on this blog, I have a gift for you :D When is the next time you will be at or near Parkmall? Or tell me your FB, and I will reach out to you on there.

"And if you took the time to read this far down, and you are in the Philippines... I have a giveaway for you. (Only Steemians in the Philippines since it is requiring me to ship an item through postal mail). So, if you are living in the Philippines and leave me an awesome comment... I will reach out to the best one, and send you a New years gift. Trust me, it is very worth it :)"


Oh my! That's so thoughtful of you! Since you earn a fan in me, I think it'll be a pleasure to receive a gift from an idol! :-D My facebook is Glenna May Jumao-as. :-D

Hi there! I'm new to steemit and you are my first reply!
I love what you write. I am a fellow foodie, hoping to write about my food adventures on here much like you do. So if you have any advice, I am all ears :)
ie. your upvote comment above that says to wait 15 minutes after you publish. Things like that I'm sure will be great to know, so thank you for adding it into your post.

Now, back to your actual post.
I had no idea it was challenge to eat well in the Philippines. Congrats on doing so regardless of the difficulty. I wish I was there now so this comment could be considered for your New Year's gift; I'm sure it is awesome and whomever wins it will be very fortunate.
Moving to Ecuador is so exciting! My friend, a seasoned hiker around the world, spent Christmas in Patagonia. She said it was incredibly beautiful, but you have to be cautious about hiking due to the deep muddy trails from the rain. So, I hope you have some great hiking boots!
I've never been, but I have been to Peru. I highly recommend you take a trip to Machu Picchu if you have the time. It was one of the most amazing places I have been to. The scenery, the history, the people, the alpaca, the peruvian food in Aguas Calientes...everything was phenomenal.

WOW! I'm surprised that so many people in the Philippines have diabetes. Americans mostly eat junk too! And we really love Trader Joes but it is far from us. Whole Foods is often called "Whole Paycheck" because the food is so expensive.

So we tend to grow our own with a big garden and raising our own healthy meats.

Lets upvote :-)

hi, @mericanhomestead!

I am a huge fan of your youtube videos "American Homestead" few years ago, even before I learned about Steemit.

I even subscribed to your channel. My boyfriend and I almost bought a farm lot here in the Philippines to start our homestead, till plans changed.

You have a point with the price at Whole foods but to be honest it's still cheaper than what I pay here in the Philippines. I do buy some crops on the local markets or on the side of the street but so many times I got so disappointed because most of the time they ran out of good quality produce, one time I bought lettuce at the local market and it was very bitter, maybe because of the soil ph? am not sure

I am so jealous of the number of crops you grow. I hope to visit your homestead in person (maybe when I finally get my USA Visa), woud love to buy some of the canned fruits that your wife makes. ohh they must be good..

Have a good one!

funny how many of us are going through the same process now :D Me definitely yes, full on "After-Christmas" detox :) Green smoothies storm full on! Cheers to you @purepinay! Followed, upvoted!

Green revolution.jpg

I think it also has to do with the New Year phenomenon. When people think of it as a new year, they think of a new life and how they need to improve it! I myself am also changing my routines in order to be healthier and wealthier 😜.

Absolutely! There's whole studies done about how long the NY resolutions actually last :D

Good motivation.

Yeah! It got me thinking about my choices. Truly inspiring.

that's good to know! I love to see my fellow steemians who take care of their health.

I did green smoothie detox before and I was great, I hope to remember to make some this week. How many glass of smoothie do you have to drink in a day? for me I have to drink at least 3 glass in a day so I won't get hungry =)

I actually drink green smoothies every morning, for years already. Like 1 liter (3 glasses?) It's my only food until late lunch, or no lunch :) Boosts your immunity like nothing else. Don't know what it is to be sick anymore! I don't do "only smoothie" kinda thing since I am pretty healthy all year long, and if I slip (christmas) it's not for long so I can catch up fast:) Cheers!

Hello My Friend @purepinay,

once again i miss a chance to become a top Commenter on your lovely post. very nice written with beautiful pictures of different foods with are much essentials for our health like Salads, Different vegetables and fruits. I am fond of eating but how much you eat there is no problem if you do exercise regularly.
I think during your holidays you do some irregularities about your food and health due to which you face health problem.
I hope for your solid health so take care of yourself because you are so precious. My best wishes and prayers always for you. I also thankful to you for your regular visit on my posts for love filled support. Enjoyed new year started with more passion.
(English is not our native language so ignore errors, I have not so good english)

Stay Blessed..!

Hi, there my sweet friend, @rabeel!

it's okay, you'll get there soon ^_- and even if you don't you are one of my followers who always leave some thoughful comments and that makes me really happy.

You're right, I've been eating so much sugary food during the holiday, it's so addicting, it was hard to stop haha!

am having coffee now, with my boyfriend and will go to an Indian restaurant around the corner, it's a very good one. I hope to get some veggies and a little bit of meat but no rice for me for a few days. I think they serve naan made from potatoes, I forgot what it's called.

don't worry about the grammar, your English is very good considering it is not your main language.

by the way, what do you do for a living?

Thanks a lot my most hearty friend @purepinay,

for your loved filled in detail reply. your this message refresh me, because I am depressed for last few days about my job. As here our corrupt Govt. is going to privatized our department(Electric power Company). as this govt. tenure end in May and general elections scheduled in June, july 2018, so they want to sell whole the profitable departments before elections. all the Govt. Employees feel too much insecurity about their job so depression is natural. ( I am thinking to write a blog on this issue soon).
But in this situation Steemit is Blessing for me, now I am proud and hopeful due to Steemit and the support of Friends like you that i compete this kind of situations with confidence.
you are very cute, kind and supportive and impressive personality, keep going on. my prayers always for you.


Awwww, you're such a lovely person. I want to hug you.

yes, he is =) he's always present here on my page and very nice person, and you are now too =)

thank you to both of you


ohhhhhhhhh thanks my lovely and sweet friend @purepinay, Hugs and kisses with love for you from pakistan...

This is motivating! I try to eat healthier this year. Hope I can make it happen :)

I'm on diet too! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :) good luck!

wow friend,

Upvoted @purepinay

thanks for sharing this wonderful post..

i love all the photos...
and im so happy for you,
congratulations your previous post makes a 1k plus payouts..

keep it up..

and i will support you all the way..

the food is fantastic..


Good morning, @mrblu! Thank you. New Year, new goals ^_-

How are you and your little purring angel?

It's Saturday, do you go to work Weekends?

yup i do work on Saturday, from 8:am to 12 pm, ^^ all are so fine, thank you ^-^, Happy new year to you also ^^ and your family, May the lord God Bless you more this 2018, have a nice day my sweet and pretty friend.


I see, What do you do for living?

I'm Network administrator (I.T) on I.T tech. company in davao City ^_&, i do steemit, i believe this will chance my life..

this platform is amazing... this will provide financial freedom on our lives..and i believe on that ^_^,

i'm happy to see you more success in this platform..
your post are all in trending..

Hope that i will make it too.. ^_^ someday.. i'm truly deeply inspired by your works and contributing the success of others too. your so amazing @purepinay

I envy you. . You eat so much healthy. . I wanna eat salad too. . Oink. . Let's have coffee😘

Meet me tomorrow around 9am, starbucks eblock 2. See ya! ^_-

Oh:( too early. I need to transfer another house tomorrow. How about night time?

Good morning bella! No coffee for me at night, I'll be up all night if I consume too much caffeine at night and love my coffee with 2 extra shots of espresso lol..

Where are you moving?

ahuh! I got it. I will move just next to the house. I have tiny room now but I will transfer to a spacious place. Are you going to the meetup tomorrow?

the same condo?

I would love to, I haven't looked up the full details yet. Tegoshie said it's in dolce, so I assume it's the one near Marco Polo, right?

hehehe you dont need to envy dear, just start eating healthy too #LAUGHS

Hahaha. . Thanks. I will do that too😁

you have to start doing it today, =D meat is not bad for you it's the carbs, rice, pasta any sugary food

Really i appreciate health is the main issue of the mankind @purepinay

I have read this far and I deserve that gift you're talking about! haha! But really, I love how you curate filisteemians these past days. Thank you for the support Gil! :)

Wait! haha, you have to read between the lines, haha where is the thoughtful comment?

Anything to help the community ^_-

Looks like you have a lot of good food there. Even in the US people don't eat like they should, but food is easy to get if you want to eat healthy. I try to do my best to eat healthy. I don't go to fast food very often and try to eat many vegetables and fruit. Thanks for this great post.

thank you, Mark!

oh I know, I don't see why people there won't eat veggies. I remember when Rob showed me a video of the whole

foods grocery store, I am so jealous, so many varieties.

I rarely eat fast food, though I consume processed food. It's hard to not eat processed food nowadays especially the convenience of it. So, I make sure I eat a lot of fresh produce to balance everything.

eat healthy ;)
Eating healthy can help you lose weight, have more energy and prevent many diseases.

It's true, I haven't been sick for over 4 years now since I switched my diet to eating more veggies and less meat.

How are you doing?

Health is definitely the new wealth. Thank you for inspiring all of us to exercise and to eat healthy.

looking good

I prefer to eat healthy foods. broccoli is very tasty. this salad look so delicious.

thank you, the broccolli I put in my salad is raw, I believe you get the most nutrients out of it, it's actually really good =)

The kinoa is a very high quality seed.
The salad made with kinoa is more satisfying. I would recommend you try.@purepinay

I think you should try this typical Indonesian food, consisting of various kinds of vegetables


Tahu! Such a tasty thing, I want to have sooomeee!! I wish there were Indonesian restaurants in Caracas. I think I'm going to google a bit to see if I can find one!

maybe you also have to taste 'tempe'

haha @cryptosharon you are so cute!

Ah, this one looks familiar and delicious too~

here we call it 'pecel sayur'

You're right, if I'm not wrong, "pecel" = mix and "sayur" = vegetables in Indonesian. I love the texture and it tastes so good... :) (Sangat sedap) PS: It would be even perfect, if the "pecel sayur" mix with Tempeh, yummy~

I strongly agree about your opinion, but it seems like you know a lot about my country.

I've been traveled and spent some times in Indonesia. Love the local foods very much - that's why I'm quite familiar with your country foods :)


where is here? =)

Can you tell me the ingredients, am curious what's in it. Maybe I can try the recipe at home.

@purepinay the ingredients for pecel sayur is various according to personal favor. Nomarlly, the main vegetables ingredients would be: long beans, bean sprouts, water spinach (kangkung in Indonesian), beancurds, tempeh, papaya leaves (this leaves are extremely bitter, you can skip it if you don't like the taste) and some other wild edible wild ferns. You just boil all the vegetables. After that, you need to mix with fried groundnuts & local sambal paste (chili paste) with some tamarind as the sauce. Stir the sauce with those vegetables and enjoy it :)

My pleasure @purepinay and long live to all the vegans :)

I haven't tried any authentic Indonesian food, but I had some similar to it. The photo above is a salad, right? is the dressing with peanuts?

yes it's like a salad but the only difference is using peanut sauce and some extra to taste.

I've also got some struggles with eating healthy, especially in because of the time it consumes to make something fresh every day, but meal prepping helps me with this :)

Yeah! It's so hard to fit health into our routine when we're doing so much stuff every day and all we want to do is to finish it all and have some time left for entertainment. I also struggle to cook healthy food every day, but I take it as my duty, as my daily chore, as @purepinay said! It's something that has to be done for future us.

Totally! I also adore the quote "Do what your future self will thank you for"

@gentlehuman, I feel the same way, that's why it's good to prepare your meal ahead of time.

I do hate going outside when am starving it's so easy to get tempted to eat junk food. Plus, the salad I order outside is a bit pricey, I have to buy 2 orders of salad so I get full or else I have to grab some chocolates from the convenient store lol

Looks like you're starting the new year off right - I usually meal prep for the week but I do exactly what you do and give myself plenty of choices in terms of what I can add to my salad.

I LOVE adding corn, it honestly makes me want to eat any salad haha. Other things I add in addition to what you have are cherry bocconcini cheese pieces (I only add in a couple), pomegranate and I've even started adding a few pieces of mango to my kale salads.

Unfortunately I'm not in the Phils but hopefully someone gets whatever NY surprise you've got for them!

Also, wow moving to Ecuador sounds exciting, looking forward to reading about it :)

You know what @purepinay, Wealth can be earned, accumulated if lost or gone but, health is not. It's quite true "Health is Wealth" If you are fit and fine you can concentrate on earning but if your health deteriorates, nothing in this world will be as attractive as it should be.

I have heard of the intermittent fasting before, I would like to give that a try. I think it would help my cravings. My weakness is rice although we do eat healthy. Everything in moderation. Love all your fresh produce in your salad....beautiful and good!

I also do Intermittent fasting for more than 6 months now. And I ALSO love junk food but the quilt is not worth it. I hate it when I let myself eat all kinds of unhealthy foods. I've even been called "The Cookie Monster", because I would devour like 4 packs of oreos in 10 minutes.

Girl! I like how you took pictures of everything. I personally observe this kind of diet to maintain our Filipina size ;). it's nice to know I'm not the only one dedicated here to living this healthy lifestyle not just for physique maintenance of course but most especially in all health aspects.

Keep inspiring people!

your salads look great @purepinay! You can also shop for those ingredients at the carbon market. i was about to go to sleep, but looking at the pictures of fresh produce made me drool. thank you for sharing these.

I find your lack of meat disturbing..

Besides that your boyfriend is right, to a certain point. Filipino food is in many cases awful and the tendency to sweeten everything is gut wrenching at best.. but, and there is a big but, if you get past the greasy fastfood culture, the sugar abuse and the lack of a national identity in the kitchen, then there is a wealth of incredibly delicious dishes. Hidden in street kitchens in the darkest alleys and in the rising trend to refine the filipino kitchen through fusion and gourmet restaurants, there is definitely some treats for even the pickiest visitor :)

You'll love snow, it's cold but awesome.. enjoy Equador, happy New Year

I try to snack on various nuts & #salads, too ♦♦ And by learning about new #healthy #foods + snacks (I've a Pinterest board on healthy snacks), I keep my INTEREST Level up [as far as handling my OWN health, w/ Herbs & preventive medicine .

Btw, it's been 2mo's for me also ♦ ♦ Gonna HIT the gym in the next few days

Great post @purepinay! I go to the Philippines periodically, and have lived there for extended periods of time. My wife and I own a house there, and we just left. We'll be back there before you know it though.

Ironically, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes while living there.

Prior to going there initially, I was a very healthy eater, but I just couldn't seem to resist all the wonderful sweets, cakes, and of course chocolate while there. Also a favorite of mine was coke floats, and chicken & spaghetti at Jollibee! hahaha...

I actually gained about 50lbs my first visit. I have since reformed my eating habits, and I'm back on track now.

Thanks again for your post, and I hope you have a very prosperous 2018!

More Power!



this is awesome.I love juicy fruits. very good post @purepinay

I loved your story.
I posted a salad recepy, aswell for my journey against 8 kg to much body weight. With me its the same after 5 weeks being MIA in the gym. Good luck and love you post.


I see SunFlower Shoots in your pictures! Microgreens are a Super Food and Sunflower Shoots of course are full of protein, vitamins and minerals...Microgreens have 4% to 40% more nutrition than the full grown plant. I grow various varieties and add them to each meal. Some times I make a full meal out of them. Good post thanks. God Bless.

Definitely eating healthy is my 2018 resolution! I've made some plan and it's already working out as I planned. Check it out