Delicious, Super Easy To Do Coloured Quail Eggs for Easter

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It is almost Easter, no fools. (haha)

In my house, we have taken to the tradition of colouring quails eggs rather than chicken eggs. I like hardboiled eggs well enough but not half a dozen a day, for a couple days in a row. Quail eggs are smaller and in my opinion much tastier than conventional eggs. They are also easier to decorate because they come partially done up with their own specs. Just hard boil like you would with regular eggs. They cook super fast. Bring them to a boil, remove from heat, and then let them cool. A three-minute roll is not required. The water boils and they are done.

Once cooled, soak the eggs in a water and food colouring mix for a few hours and go out and enjoy the spring sunshine. Ten drops of colouring for 250 ml will do. You can vary food colouring for desired intensity. When you get back take them from the water and pat dry. Voila tasty bite-size easter eggs that people actually want to eat.

Happy Easter, Steemians:)


The photo is my own:)

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I just love the vivid colors and all the natural blemishes. Beautiful!

They sort decorate themselves:) Thank you, Sunscape:)

I wouldn't eat those. They are just beautiful to behold. Unless hungry strikes real bad then I have no choice lol!

You gotta eat them before the stench hits ... hard boiled eggs spoil fast. They were a big hit made two dozen and they are all gone:)

That fast?! Oh my. I didn't realize it was that good.

and Happy Easter to you too !

Happy Easter:)

I love putting boiled quail eggs in my hotpot.
Have you ever had Chinese malatan?

I have not ... what is it like:)

It's a really really good Shichuan spicy hot pot. If you can find a restaurant that serves this go immediately!

Lots of good places like that where I live:) Spicy is good:)

Happy Easter! You really made such pretty eggs!I never even thought about using them!

What a great idea!!


They were delicous:)

Interesting idea. They look good!

Very tasty. Some good quail eggs in Japan, if I remember correctly:)

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