My best food recipe with balanced diet.

in food •  3 months ago 

The best sustaining food is that of a balanced diet. My fantastic meal of yesterday was a mixture of Maize and beans cooked (referred to as corn-chaff). This wonderful blend of food consists of carbohydrates from the Maize and proteins from the beans alongside from fruits such as banana and avocado pear.
This meal had been nicely prepared and involves part boiling corn with lime and washing. Thereafter beans is mixed with the already part boiled corn and cooked again until they are soft after several hours.
After removal of the cooked corn-chaff, it is washed again with clean water to avoid any stomach problems, after which a clean pot is set on fire and oil put in it to heat for a while.
Then the already spices are poured in the oil and allowed to heat for while before the corn-chaff is put and allowed to cook on the fire for about thirty minutes or more
, thereafter the pot is carefully removed from the fire and allowed to get cold a bit before it is been served. It is a wonderful meal combination and i wish you carefully try it out for i am enjoying it.
Thanks for reading.


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