Baby fried Crab ala karub-karub

in #food6 years ago

Have you ever heard about a fried crab? If not well I’m going to teach you my own version of baby fried crabs.


First of course we need the main ingredient the crab.

1 kilo Fresh baby crabs at least 2 inch size
¼ kilo flour
2 medium size onion mince
1 clove garlic mince
2 whole eggs
1 pack medium size of bread crumbs

in this version i didnt use bread crumbs.

Once we all have the ingredients let’s proceed to the procedures
Wash the crabs first take the shells off and chop it in half. You don’t need the shells cuz its not edible
Prepare the flour add the mince onion garlic pepper and a little bit if salt.


Preparing the crab before frying Deep the crab first to the flour next is Egg and lastly to the bread crumbs. Pre heat the oil it must be deep fried until its golden brown And serve.


Hope you like it..

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Look so yummy but sad i have allergy on crabs and shirmp :( but still i cheat jajaj

ahaha..once done eating take right away your anti allergy meds so you can enjoy..hehehe

One of my fave seafood. Its super yummy if it is spicy.

so yummy and crunchy 😍😋 let's cook this again 👍👍

yes lets make one again it well be great.

Yum yum...this is my fav.

hehe glad you like it.

Karasa man hini. Paghatag daw!

hehe ubos na next time liwat.. 😁

Wow so yummy this is a must try never tried one. Thanks for sharing 😊

hehe.. try it out its good..

where can we get that, kuya @porerichard000?

I am sure you made the team hungry. Nice work @richard000.

I am sure you made the team hungry.

woooow.. i would like to try that, i think i haven't tasted that way of cooking before..

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