Two Attempts in cooking Adobong Mani

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03-11-18 09-22-04.pngDo you have any in your barrio back in the 80's a "Mani" (peanut) Vendor who usually shows up between 5pm to 6pm selling "Adobong Mani"? Well, I don't know if this is common back then but in Valenzuela where I grew up, wechave something like him.

This is one of the memories etched in some part of my brain that Mamang Mani (Mr. Peanut Vendor) curls up an old newspaper to make a cone and put some Adobo Peanuts inside it.

Now, we have lots of snacks like mixed nuts, coated nuts, and the like in different flavors. But ADOBONG MANI is epic! Now that my husband and I are in #lowcarbhighfat diet, having peanuts is allowed in moderate amount and my all-time comfort food.

Happy, a local brand, has now Adobo Peanuts in their wide variety of flavors. But since returning from our last vacation, I couldn't find this variety in UAE. I tried to make from home.


  1. Sliced some garlic.

  2. Sauteed the garlic and
    chili flakes in Coconut Oil until the color turns to light brown.

  3. Added the peanuts until they turn a little brown.

  4. Let it cool in a colander line up with paper towel to remove excess oil.


Even after I removed the peanuts from heat, its remaining heat continuously cooked the garlic and the latter ended up a little burnt. Personally, I didn't like it.


I didn't want to give up not getting the right way of cooking it. So yesterday, I tried to make my second batch. I wasn't able to document the steps in picture.

I used Olive Oil this time as we ran out of coconut oil. And after I put the garlic in, I dropped the peanuts right away. And then I chopped some green chilies and mix them until the garlic turns light brown. This is just so perfect that I ate many garlic pieces while waiting for it to cool down.

How about you, what's your favorite comfort food? Can you make it from home too? I would love to see them!


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Ang sarap po ... pahingi po 🙂 hehehe

I wish I can send to everybody who likes to have it... it is so easy to make

Wow masarap na food of the brain pa.

Wow masarap na food of the brain pa.

masarap papakin yan :D

yan ba yun nasa lokal sis...:)