Keto Lunch-Dinner: LiverGizzardBeansprouts&PBbread

in food •  8 months ago

In this high fat, lowcarb diet we usually don't have our breakfast as we are trying to do an intermittent fasting which is at least 16 hour of no carb (fast).

So when I get home from office, my husband, @irmao.dan already cooks food for both of us.

This is an example of one of our late lunch / early dinner from last week:


Liver/Gizzard Adobo
Peanut Butter Bread
Sauteed Bean Sprouts


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Tsalap 😋

its seems delicious and yummy food mouth watering


Yes it is! I love the texture of chicken gizzard! And the PB bread is a bomb! Thanks for reading my post. @geography1

That is some great dish you have there!! Woooow I got hungry and its 3am here

Wow! Looks very yummy!😍
Gusto kong itry po ito

Wow what a perfect combination 😊😊😊 togue is my favorite!