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Made from scratch Jelly Sushi 101!! 🍣
Looks so good & sooo cute you've got to try 😉


The instructions and all the ingredients to make our edible jelly sushi YUM YUM!! 🤗


Pour in the white powder to make the rice!


Now the tuna and eggs 😀


Now the ingredients to make the tobiko.
Soy sauce that taste like cola!!


Pour in drops of the orange liquid to the light blue liquid and you get perfect tobiko shapes!!
This was the most exciting part of the whole process!! 😍 soo fun hehe


Flatten out the grape flavoured candy to resemble the seaweed that wraps the sushi!


Get some rice wrap it with seaweed and add a few tobikos and WALA!! We have our first tobiko sushi 😋😋😋


Egg sushi and tuna sushi coming your way 🍣
Don't forget to add the soy sauce 😉


Rest in peace jelly sushi 😏👅
My favourite was the tobiko sushi!! The grape seaweed taste soooo good!
There are also many other edible jelly foods you can make, such as; donuts🍩crepes & raw fish dishes and beer🍺
How interesting 🤔


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jelly sushi 🍣 very tasty and funny funny [email protected] momen#22.i really love sushi.good post.i am already upvote and resteem your post @pitapat.

Great dear