Food trucks

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I enjoy being out and about, to stumble upon food trucks, as I appreciate them as works of art.







Is it a man or a woman who plays the drums? :D

It's a man.

Anything related to food is a work of art. Foot itself is art and science and everything :p

Might wanna change your comment from foot to food😂

Let it be , it's funny 😂

Hahahaha ok

Yeah food truck is delicious. I have tried it. It is full of quality food. And every truck has its own art painted on it which makes it look beautiful and yes it feel so calm when we eat from such place. Keep enjoying

food truck's are a good thing that are over the streets, most of the countries and states are adopting it and are spreading it.... our states is one of them, last time when i was on a trip with my friends we preferred food truck only... they really make delicious food... 👍

You probably like food more than anyone else I have known so far.

what the guy in picture #1 have in his hands? a balloon shaped into a crossbow?

Evry one is not an artist so i also appereciate them as you thanks for sharing with us keep it up Awesome photography
I enjoy being out and about, to stumble upon food trucks, as I appreciate them as works of art.
I also appereciate them

Very good arrangement is to sell food, by truck,, food will be very good, in our country, very low, this arrangement,

You love food its good I know it so far i love it good job

I also want to appreciate that ;)

Food trucks are awesome. You can find food anywhere,even in the middle of a busy market where no food is available. I think the food trucks also have quality foods and at a cheaper price. Enjoy your food and good pictures.

Nice food and photography

WoW! that's creativity.

They are really cool!

Creativity to power ... these carts are beautiful!

I believe food trucks serve better food than 5 star restaurants.

Well everyone has their opinion any reasons you suggest that?


It would cause me to trip over them! Excellent!! They are beautiful!

It is all art that they prepare the whole meals in just minutes and make it even more tastier.....
I always have food from food caravan...

Food that is eaten outdoor has another feel that can tune us to an extremely relaxed mood especially when the food is delicious!

art and rich food! jajaj

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The way people earn a living are more creative lately. We have that kind of truck too, but smaller. Very nice pictures @pinacle thanks

The artwork on trucks are extremely important cause they catch most attention, sometime they are so appealing that we just get attracted towards them and tend towards buying some food! 😋

why you love food so much?

you are perfect foodie

Food trucks are indeed applaudable. They are available anywhere and dont take permanent space for making concrete structures. They are like moving restaurants

One of the best way to sell their products all around the city.

In Indonesia, food truck very rarely encountered. I saw one, the food truck is selling tofu called 'tahu bulat' which fried impromptu. Greetings from Indonesia.

Food truck , it's great artwork .
This is my first comment on your blog and I daily read your posts .

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Food trucks are so fun! They always have something unique and selling from the street adds a completely different atmosphere than going to a restaurant. I remember seeing signs about food trucks in Hong Kong but unfortunately I couldn't find them, might have just not been a good time of the day.

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