Food in the fridge

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Empty fridge is not a happy sight to see, so I ventured to the grocery store to make my eyes happy when I open the fridge.















The best of all that you took is the Gatorade, there is no better drink than a gatorade! : D

You're wrong, the best are the bananas;)

u both are wrong... the best is already in his tummy :p

thats is why all this stuff is still in the fridge


excellent being able to go shopping and distracted friend !! In my country, supermarkets are no longer seen so = (

I'm jealous. Two days until grocery day for me.

you really now how to make someones's mood if you know what they like to eat haha. empty fridge is equal unhappy life.

It's a little empty that refrigerator, give love with more food my friend haha

Now the fridge is full, is the fridge happy?

An empty fridge is no fridge at all. Even when not need a full fridge is a good site to see. Shopping was fun i hope?

The fridge still looks empty though. 😜

Now Your eyes will be very happy because your fridge is full.


With money in the hands you can make the whole house a fridge let alone a fridge.

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Food food and food waht a lovely way to just make you happy... Empty fridges depict healthy food habbits🙃🙃

very much food,
you have to buy food so that in the refrigerator there is contents,
when you take eight in the fridge no need to come here again,
hopefully your day is always happy @pinacle

looks good food tasty,
happy to be like you with a lot of money can buy such good food @pinacle

Pic expresses the sunset like feeling, aren't sunsets beautiful?

I want my refrigerator like yours!

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It's always a great feeling to be able to fill the fridge. I have a bad habit of shopping on an empty stomach and buying way more than I need. My vote is for the bananas too ;)

I Am gonna vist you soon :p
Keeo filled fridge :p yummmm

Hi @pinacle, It's good post about photograohy on food! I enjoyed your photography. your maximumpictures on shop, where it is?. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

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Es facinante realizar compras en el supermercado, sobre todo los cereales y bebidas gatorade.

I guess having lots of food in the fridge has a psychological effect where most of us feel safe that we will not go hungry since there are plenty in the fridge even though our stomach can't eat so much but we still want to stock up more than enough. Our thoughts are better to have more than to have not enough. It is also too troublesome to keep going to buy grocery since supermarket may not always be nearby depending on our housing location.

Hahaha I personally love going to the supermarket!
Those are tangerines and oranges?

realy it is nice

Going shopping to fill the fridge is a delight, we love to choose among so many products for our culinary enjoyment ... Wonderful pictures. Very good to see chosen the juices .. I will follow you.
I would love to have your support and vote in my publications. Thank you.

Nice Photography.
But I am hungry to see the last 2 photos.

Happy Steeming.

nice nice nice yes excellent being able to go shopping '''

That blue gatorade though

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