Food in fridge

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The kitchen is the most popular part of the house, and the fridge is like a spaceship that flies the kitchen. Much pleasure comes from just opening the fridge to see whats in it, so let's do that :)













I think your fridge contains all things which we love to eat. The interesting point is that it is not messy.

If I have foods like these in our fridge, I think I will spent the whole day in the Kitchen :D

This is very nice article. I will try to write something about my favorite meals :).

Try to fallow me up for some Mediterranean recepies. As i would say, food connects people :).

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I love corns.


My son is two and obsessed with looking into the fridge. I guess he gets it from his mom and dad, who also compulsively look into the fridge to see what goodies lie in it. I guess we're not the only ones :)

Kitchen is most important blessing made by a mankind for himself :)

Ha ha, you really put creativity in the ordinary life by comparing the fridge as spaceship and yes sometimes we run towards the fridge for left overs and many people who all day busy with office work they really run towards the fridge and for them it's really an spaceship from where they want to see some interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

It is definitely the most visited place in the home, it is a blessing to be able to count on the drinks and foods that feed us

The best thing you got in there is milked cashew... It just tastes yumm...

Kitchen without fridge is a man without umbrella on a rainy day, you get spoiled without an umbrella on a rainy day, same happens to the food if its not in the fridge, fridge is the place I often keep looking for food, I think everyone does the same, your photography skills are awesome

Your fridge is beautifully organized. I love all the pictures, + the food, of course :)
You have a great kitchen too; it would be awesome if you post your recipes with pictures or video maybe ?

Look delicious

Your fridge looks quite scanty and filled with junks. This looks like the typical fridge of a bachelor. If you are married and your fridge looks like this then there is a problem....i am talking from the African point of view though . Lolzz

Would have taken a snapshot of my own fridge but I am so ashamed of it at the moment. ..lolzz.

It's fully packed fridge.This is always a enjoyable sight to me.Thanks for sharing.I hope you also enjoy the sight.@upvoted

That's a kind of situation i like.Because this give me assurance that i don't have to go to super shop ha ha ha......@upvoted.

This is perfect condition for me.Almost everything is there.Thanks for sharing with us.@upvoted

Kitchen without fridge is nothing but a slaughter room...
I love the ice-cream in the freezer...
I often open fridge to check for something of my taste...

The fridge foods are very fresh, and the food is very good, the refrigerator is a major part of the kitchen

Most of the fridge is cooked on a main part of cooking, most of the food is frozen, and refrigerated foods are fresh,

It really feels like your posts will not spoil many beautiful food items

wow... nice... well stored and it's look most of them are good for a healthy diet...

Your fridge is sooo stocked!!
Meanwhile I open mine and am greeted by water only. Lol

a house without a refrigerator is like a body without a soul, I was a few days without a fridge and I realized how valuable it is to have it. something that I had never set before ..

my fridge never disappoints my expectations

Friend, your kitchen is a bit of a mess. The kitchen is a world of delicious food, and your fridge is rich in food

Love cheese and fruits. Thanks for posting.

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Kitchen is basic need of house because without kitchen we can't make delicious food and Fridge too your fridge realy looking like a spaceship @pinacle

It looks like you're trying to eat healthy. Good for you! I'm surprised that you eat Aunt Jemima's syrup since it's mainly high fructose corn syrup. If there's a Costco near you, they have a 100% Maple syrup that is delicious!

some time ago I do not see a refrigerator like this ....... full ... by the way I'm from venezuela

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wow.....nice photography
upvoted and resteem

Good food is very often, even most often, simple food

Excellent photography. This foods is very helpful health for the population.

This post was mostly about the fridge, but that kitchen is so beautiful! 😍 The fridge is looking good too, but you might want to try to store tomatoes in room temperature, since they lose their taste very easily in the fridge!

Your fridge looks neat! Everything is well organized and feels like everything is fresh and organic. 👍

Thanks a dang clean fridge!

I see a lot of healthy stuff! Never had cashew nut milk before. Thanks for sharing!

Looks like your fridge has alot of eating stuff.I am food lover

Hola, la nevera en una casa es como un paisaje para la vista, lastima que a veces no se puede tener lo que uno quiere debido a situaciones económicas provocadas por negligencias de gobiernos dictatoriales,Dios quiera que podamos ver una nevera ful de productos comestibles...@pedrolavado

You can learn a lot about a person by looking in their fridge.

After seeing the cleanliness of fridge seems like you are married😜😜.
but if you are still a bachelor then big hands for your dedication towards manipulation of your kitchen along with your f refrigerator. such a Manipulative, guy you are. well, all items in your fridge and even in the kitchen settle into a very delegate way ....👌👌

I really l'île your kitchen its so organnised

I think that causes a lot of pleasure, in my case I like to cook so opening a refrigerator and seeing it like this is the best feeling in the world, it hurts that in the country where I live it is difficult to have a fridge like yours takes a lot of money

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